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 CPI News Brief     Volume 7 Issue 7 * May 2018

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Considering Long-Acting Injectables
A new video available on CPI's Website

Question: Do people really use long-acting injectables (LAIs) anymore?
Answer: Absolutely
Question: Is it true that LAIs are designed to treat different symptoms than pills?
Answer: Not true. Both LAIs and pills are used to treat the same conditions and symptoms. 
Question: LAIs are only for people who have difficulty taking their pills regularly, right?
Answer: Not true. Some people choose to use LAIs for convenience and other reasons too.
This video is geared toward individuals who may be considering using an LAI. It features two individuals discussing their experiences with LAIs, and provides information on LAIs, including pros and cons, common misconceptions, and reasons to consider this treatment option. 
This video can be found by in the "Consumers" section of CPI's website. Please use this link: http://practiceinnovations.org/Consumers/Medication-and-Medication-Side-Effects and then click on "Considering Long-Acting Injectables".