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 CPI News Brief     Volume 8 Issue 3 * March 2019

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Integrating Physical and Behavioral Health Care - Resources available for providers and consumers!

What is integrated physical and behavioral health care ?
Integrated care is comprehensive care provided by behavioral and physical care professionals that is responsive to the physical and behavioral health needs of the people they serve.
Why is this important?
Addressing both physical and behavioral health increases the quality of care, and, ultimately, saves lives. People with severe mental illness often die at least 10 years earlier than the general population from physical conditions that could have been prevented or treated.
T he Center for Practice Innovations is pleased to announce resources for providers and consumers related to commonly seen physical health conditions in the behavioral health population.
For Providers : Resources to help providers understand symptoms and management of commonly seen physical health conditions are available in our learning management system (LMS). When you log into the LMS, click on the logo below to access those resources. 

For Consumers:  Resources to inform and empower consumers to take charge of their wellness and understand how to prevent and manage commonly seen health conditions can be found by clicking on Physical Health in the "CPI Resources" section of CPI's website. You can also access them by using this link  https://practiceinnovations.org/CPI-Resources/Physical-Health .