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 CPI News Brief     Volume 6 Issue 10 * June 2017

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Introducing the CPI Academy and its Initial Curriculum Programs:
Engagement /Person-Centered Planning and Psychopharmacology

The CPI Academy is designed to provide you with up-to-date knowledge about important cross-cutting topics of interest for the behavioral health practitioner.  Each curriculum has been carefully designed to allow easy and efficient access within our learning management system ("CPI Learning Community"). 
Certificates are issued for completion of each curriculum, and continuing education credits are associated with many of these online training resources.
We are currently releasing two curriculum programs - Engagement/Person-Centered Planning and Psychopharmacology.  Additional programs are under development, with more to come!
Here's what you will find:
Engagement /Person-Centered Planning
a.  Recovery and person-centered care
b.  Generating the collaborative treatment plan
c.  Person-centered planning (Parts 1-3 and Interactive Practice Scenarios)

* Engaging consumers in Assertive Community Treatment

* Person-centered treatment planning in Assertive Community Treatment


a.  Essential psychopharmacology
b.  The basics of antipsychotic medications
c.  Medication assisted treatment of substance use disorders in NYS - Part 1
d.  Medication assisted treatment of substance use disorders in NYS - Part 2
e.  Motivating clozapine use: An aid for prescribers
f.   Considering clozapine 
g.  Understanding the use of medications to treat tobacco dependence

* Understanding the use of medications for clients with COD

 To access the CPI Academy and its curriculum programs:
Please click here to learn how to print a certificate for a completed curriculum: