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 CPI News Brief     Volume 9 Issue 15 * July 2020

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New Module on Shared Decision Making (SDM) is now Available!
Did you know that:
  • Shared Decision Making (SDM) relies on the best scientific evidence and individual values and preferences.
  • SDM emphasizes asking individuals about their experiences and preferences which may inform treatment recommendations.
  • Research has shown that individuals with behavioral health disorders prefer to participate in decision making about their care, and this increases their knowledge, clarity of preferences, and satisfaction with care.
We are pleased to announce that the Center for Practice Innovations' new module on SDM is now available. Have you ever wondered how to be more inclusive of the needs, values, and concerns of individuals receiving care as you discuss treatment options with them? The SDM model eschews a paternalistic way of relating to individuals receiving care and encourages providers and individuals to work together to make care decisions.
This course introduces the basic concepts of SDM and helps clinicians prepare for its use. An overview of SDM is provided including the definition of shared decision making, why SDM is important, and when SDM should be considered in the treatment planning process. Developed by Glyn Elwyn and colleagues, the three-talk model of SDM is introduced as a way to speak with clients about treatment. The course details how SDM looks in practice via two role plays, one about depression treatment in a clinic-based-environment and one about medication treatment for schizophrenia.
The learning objectives are:
  • To learn the background and definition of SDM
  • To understand why SDM is important and the evidence that supports it
  • To learn about a model of SDM and the steps involved, and
  • To learn about decision support tools and how they are used in practice

Providers can access the SDM module through CPI's learning management system.
To view this module: