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 CPI News Brief     Volume 9 Issue 3 * February 2020

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Pat Deegan on the Journey to Use Medication Optimally to Support Recovery
Our colleague Patricia Deegan, Ph.D has recently written a very important column in the journal Psychiatric Services entitled "T he Journey to Use Medication Optimally to Support Recovery".

In this column, Pat highlights eight common challenges people face on this journey:
  • Moving from passively taking to actively using medicine
  • Redefining self and discovering a "new normal"
  • Finding an acceptable or livable balance of trade-offs
  • Using alcohol, cannabis, or other drugs to self-medicate
  • Medication fatigue
  • Discovering whether the prescribed medication is helping
  • Finding personal motivation for using medicine
  • Exploring the possibility of discontinuing or reducing the dosage of medicine
The column can be found here:

In addition, Pat talks about her own experiences, the concept of recovery, and this column on a recent Psychiatric Services podcast. Here's the link to this podcast, as well as many others from Psychiatric Services: