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 CPI News Brief     Volume 6 Issue 17 * November 2017

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Suicide Prevention for Healthcare Workers Module is Now Available

These are the myths:
  • "If I ask someone directly about suicide, I will be giving the person ideas."
  • "Someone who says that he or she is suicidal is only seeking attention."
  • "If someone has decided to end their own life by suicide, no one can stop them."
  • "I'm not an expert, I might make the situation worse."
This is the reality:

Suicide is reaching epidemic proportions in the U.S., and everyone can play a role in preventing suicide. This brief training module uses a video journalism approach to illustrate how you or anyone, even with no formal mental health care training, can learn how to recognize and engage effectively with individuals at risk for suicide, and to help connect them with professional help or additional support.

Course objectives:

After viewing this module, participants will know how to:
  • Notice the warning signs and recognize when to ask someone about suicidal thoughts and engage in a conversation
  • Listen and demonstrate understanding about how the person is feeling
  • Become knowledgeable about resources and how to refer someone for suicide prevention help

To access this module:

  • Log into the Learning Community using your username and password at: https://rfmh.csod.com/client/rfmh/default.aspx
  • Click on "Suicide Prevention"
  • Click on "Start an online module"
  • Click on "Suicide Prevention for Healthcare Workers"
  • Click on "Launch"
For more information about CPI's Suicide Prevention-Training, Implementation and Evaluation program (SP-TIE), under the direction of Barbara Stanley, Ph.D., please click here: