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 CPI News Brief     Volume 6 Issue 16 * October 2017

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Three- Module Violence Risk Management Series Just Released!

Violence Risk Management is:
  • A set of practitioner skills that involve screening, assessment and intervention
  • Guided by research and practice
  • An important set of competencies for practitioners in most any setting

Working with forensic experts, CPI has developed a series of three modules that address this most important topic.  Extensive use of videos highlights important knowledge and skills. 
The first module, available since 2016, focuses on violence risk screening.  Its objectives are:
  • Identify the purpose of violence risk screening
  • List key topics to be covered with a violence risk screening
  • Recognize when violence risk screening should lead to an assessment
The second module in the series focuses on violence risk assessment.  Its objectives are:
  • Define static and dynamic risk factors
  • Describe types of  risk assessments
  • Recognize components of risk formulation
The third module focuses on treatment interventions.  Its objectives are:
  • Identify risk management interventions
  • Describe treatment plans
  • Recognize junctures for reassessment
You can access this series through CPI's learning management system: