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 CPI News Brief     Volume 6 Issue 5 * March 2017

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Using the Cultural Formulation Interview: 
A new online course available to you

Did you know that:
  • A person's culture includes all aspects of their background that influence their perspective, including not only race/ethnicity but also age, gender, sexual orientation, occupation, religion, and socioeconomic background?
  • Culture affects everyone's expectations about illness and treatment?
  • Asking about recipients' cultural views and values improves satisfaction with care, even when they and providers share the same language and ethnicity?
  • Racial/ethnic minorities who feel their cultural views are misunderstood by their providers have seven times the odds of ending treatment prematurely?

Clearly, addressing a person's cultural background and identity during a clinical evaluation is important. 

But how can this be done briefly and yet in a way that enhances care?

The Cultural Formulation Interview (Core Version) is a 16-question semi-structured interview that was included in DSM-5 to help providers conduct a culturally informed evaluation and carry out treatment and service planning after an international field trial found it feasible, acceptable, and useful.

This course trains providers in how to use the Cultural Formulation Interview (CFI), with extensive use of videos and interactive exercises:

1. Introduction, including a description of culture and cultural
    assessment as applied to mental health care
2.   Example of how cultural misunderstanding can lead to
3.   Description of each core CFI domain and other CFI resources
    for a comprehensive cultural assessment
4.  Video segments from 5 interviews illustrating the use of the
    core CFI
5.   Interactive exercises to facilitate implementation of the CFI in
    your work setting
6.    Learner evaluation

Providers can access this course through CPI's learning management system.

To view this course:

*Log into the Learning Community using your username    and password  at:  https://rfmh.csod.com/client/rfmh/default.aspx
*Click on the "Browse for Training" icon
*Click on "Culture"
*Click on "Using the Cultural Formulation Interview"
*Click on "Launch"