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 CPI News Brief     Volume 9 Issue 9 * May 2020

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Wellness Self-Management for the COVID-19 Crisis (WSM-COVID19)
Many practitioners and recipients are familiar with Wellness Self-Management (WSM), a curriculum-based clinical practice designed to assist adults to effectively manage serious mental health problems.  WSM lessons focus on recovery, mental health wellness, relapse prevention and more.
In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the Center for Practice Innovations (CPI) and the Community Technical Assistance Center of New York (CTAC) have worked together to develop six new WSM lessons which can be used remotely or face-to-face, in individual and group meetings.  
The six WSM-COVID19 lessons are:
  • Understanding the Coronavirus and COVID-19
  • What Is Stress? Why is It Important to Understand Our Stress during the COVID-19 Crisis?
  • Identifying Your Personal Signs of Stress during the COVID-19 Crisis
  • Coping with COVID-19: What works?  What doesn't?
  • Being Connected with Other People is More Important Now than Ever
  • Staying Physically Healthy During the COVID-19 Crisis 

The WSM-COVID19 lessons can be downloaded at no cost at here.
To learn more about Wellness Self-Management, please use this link: https://practiceinnovations.org/Initiatives/WSMWellnessSelf-Management