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 CPI News Brief     Volume 8 Issue 12 * September 2019

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Working with Persons Under Criminal Justice Mandates:  Collaboration, Connection and Communication -
 New online module is now available
FACT: Many clients in behavioral health settings have had histories of criminal justice involvement

FACT: Many of these individuals may be subject to court-ordered requirements for community behavior and treatment

FACT: Collaboration and communication -- involving clients, behavioral health providers, the courts, and supervising agencies - are key to the individual's success

The  Working with Persons Under Criminal Justice Mandates: Collaboration, Connection and Communication module was designed specifically for providers working with justice-involved individuals with mental illness. Using videos, case studies and interactive exercises, this module helps providers to:
  • Explain what criminal justice system mandates are and how they work
  • Identify and describe the difference between community supervision agencies (i.e., probation, parole, alternative to incarceration and mental health court)
  • Describe ways to support clients in navigating criminal justice system mandates
  • Identify best practices for effective communication between behavioral health and criminal justice systems
This module was developed by the CUCS Academy for Justice-Informed Practice and CPI and funded and developed by the NYS Office of Mental Health, and the Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene in cooperation with the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.
Continuing education credits for completion of this module are available to social workers, licensed mental health counselors, and CASACs. 
This is the second of a series of modules for providers working with justice-involved individuals with mental illness.  The first module, currently available, is entitled SPECTRM (Sensitizing Providers to the Effects of Correctional Incarceration on Treatment and Risk Management).  Additional modules are now under development.
To access this module:
  • Log into the Learning Community using your username and password at: https://rfmh.csod.com/client/rfmh/default.aspx
  • Click on "Browse for training". Under "Please click a category below to see training related to that category", select, "Justice-Involved Individuals"
  • Click on the title Working with Persons Under Criminal Justice Mandates: Collaboration, Connection & Communication
  • Click "Request" 
  • Click on "Open curriculum player" for "Working with Persons..."
  • Click on "Launch"
PLEASE NOTE:  This training is also offered through the    CUCS Academy for Justice-Informed Practice   , where it is part of a larger certificate bearing program.  This program, referred to as the CUCS    Behavioral Health/Criminal Justice Certificate Program   , is comprised of 8 training modules.  If you are interested in obtaining this certificate, please DO NOT take this online course through CPI's s Learning Community.  Instead, take this course through the    CUCS Learning Management System   .    Completion of this online course through CPI is not transferrable and will not count toward the certificate program.