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The Best prices on tactical, outdoor gear, athletic gear, eyewear and more.

Partner with Bellevue University and receive a $1,000 Military Tuition Waiver.

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  Whether you want to apply your GI Bill benefits to college classes or an on-the-job training program, this tool will help you make the most of them.

  Say goodbye to reply-all emails and paper sign up sheets. Coordinate events and people in minutes with online sign ups.



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   If you've moved, or moving soon, please  send Julie an email so we don't lose contact with you and to ensure you continue to receive your copy of  The Chief.


USCG Chief Petty Officers Foundation
   You can now help raise money for our new 501(c)3 charity through Amazon! All money raised goes directly to CG Families in need. Search for "Coast Guard Chief Petty Officers Foundation" while logged into Amazon Smile.

CGCPOF is also listed under Federal Tax ID # 47-4947412


 Sponsorships Needed at 
Chief's Academy
  Our Petaluma Chapter requests sponsorship for the following Chief Academy Pizza Socials.  The following dates are available:

29 June
03 August
31 August
05 October

  Please contact Senior Chief Jeffery Hunter if you'd like to buy pizza for a whole bunch of Chiefs!

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 The Murph Challenge
The Murph Challenge is the Official annual fundraiser of the LT. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation, presented by ForgedĀ®. It is also one of the primary means of funding for the Foundation on an annual basis. YOUR support is what drives our success!

USCG Honor Guard Official Youtube Channel
This is the year-in-review video for the United States Coast Guard Ceremonial Honor Guard, containing pictures taken between May 2017 through April 2018.

 FEDVIP To Bring Vision Coverage to TRICARE Beneficiaries
  Beginning with the 2018 Federal Benefits Open Season (Nov. 12 to Dec. 10, 2018), beneficiaries enrolled in a TRICARE health plan will be eligible to enroll in the  Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP). Coverage will start Jan. 1, 2019.

    College the Military Way

- Willie Woolford, USAF (Retired)

  We are military. We like checklists.   What do you need done? Give me a checklist, and I can do it.  What if you could finish your college degree this way?   Would it make it easier if you could get a checklist of what you need to do - up front?

  And, what if you could get $1,000 to help you with any out of pocket tuition costs?

  As a "Partner in Education" with the USCG Chief Petty Officers Association and Enlisted Association, Bellevue University can do these things for you.

  Bellevue University will review your military and civilian classes and show you, step-by-step, how you can finish your degree.   I know what you are thinking - many schools offer a free evaluation. But, do they also offer you $1,000 to help with your tuition?

  According to DoD, military members take an average of three classes a year. This means that a normal degree takes 7 to 10 years to complete. Bellevue University's accelerated programs are about 18 class at a time, and available online. Classes are arranged in order and allow you to work on them as they fit into your schedule.   Our model is much like military training - start with about 20 people in your class and progress through the program with the same classmates.

  Find out more on how our programs fit for you personally, and check college off of your list of things that you need to do.   Fill out the simple partners form here or contact your USCG CPOA/CGEA representative Willie Woolford here

    Immersive one and two week academic workshops or "boot camps" provided free of charge to enlisted veterans and held at some of America's top colleges and universities.

 Book of the Month
    In their collaborative work, Breaching the Summit, these six enlisted leaders-each of whom reached the highest levels of the Pentagon-share their personal stories, experiences, and lessons learned through a lifetime of service. Their mission is to  improve workforce leadership ability by using the skills, techniques, and experiences gained from military service, post-military corporate careers, hard work, commitment, integrity, and respect for others.

   Pictured from left to right are Rick West (12th Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy); Mike Barrett (17th Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps); Jim Roy (16th Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force); Ken Preston (13th Sergeant Major of the Army); Denise Jelinski-Hall (3rd Senior Enlisted Advisor to the National Guard Bureau); and Skip Bowen (10th Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard).

 Video of the Month
    Life on the sea is beautiful and deadly, and we see both sides of that story through the eyes of a man who's sailed his entire life.
   Featuring the Conch Republic's ADM Finbar Gittelman and his beloved Schooner Wolf, "The Old Man and the Sea: Return to Cuba" explores Finbar's seafaring life and his return to Havana for the first time in fifty years.

   Tales of youthful love, the Mariel Boatlift in Cuba and surviving a battle with a category five hurricane on the open water, will fill you with a sense of wonder and a new love for life.

 Filmed in Key West, the Florida Straits, and in various locations in Cuba, this documentary is filled with exceptional vistas as well as original Cuban music and newly recorded sea shanties made especially for this film.

Find Your Boot Camp Friends
   Interested to find old friends you went to Boot Camp with? If so, Together We Served has made it even easier.

   They have extended their unique "Also There" feature to find more members who were in Boot Camp at the same time as you. Even if they could not remember their training company or platoon, we can match you based on location and start month.
   All you need to do is enter whatever boot camp details you can recall and we will find other members who trained alongside you!
To obtain your Free Full Membership, please go to this   special link only for CPOA/CGEA members. 
 Family of deceased Coast Guard members who wish to join CGTWS to create a Remembrance Profile for their loved one should email .
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  If you've recently retired and were using an allotment to pay your dues, there's a good chance you are no longer an active member. Please read these procedures for starting, changing, and stopping an allotment in Direct Access II/Retired Global Pay Self-Service.  


   Or just call the U. S. Coast Guard Pay & Personnel Center 
to talk to a pay technician 
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