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A Message From Our President

     To all Coast Guard, supporters and friends:

 Please accept my sincere appreciation for your swift action and support to help CPOA fight for your compensation despite the government shutdown. This threat to your pay must be fixed and we will work to maintain the momentum from the over 120,000 letters sent to protest the lapse to push for future protections. I am deeply sorry for the stress and anxiety that this has caused all of you during this holiday. It should have never happened. Thanks to Coast Guard leadership, and the Department of Homeland Security we managed to save this pay cycle. But this may not be the end.

 Be assured that the CPOA Board of Directors and Executive Director were highly engaged with CG leadership, other Veteran Associations, Congressional leaders, and media outlets to ensure your voice was heard. As soon as we knew a lapse in pay was imminent, we sent a press release that was picked up by Military Times, NBC, Homeland Security Today, and many others that helped increase our voice. Your numerous shares on social media also helped tremendously whether on Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter.

 We'll see shortly if your pay on the 15th is threatened as well. I just wanted to assure you that your National Officers are working diligently to protect your pay from this and future government shutdowns. We are working with Congress to pass legislation to ensure this situation never happens again. Please don't hesitate to contact the National Office, or me, if you have any needs or concerns.

Stay Semper Paratus and Happy New Year!

BMCS Jon Ostrowski (Ret)
CPOA National President

Coast Guard to Receive December Paychecks; No Guarantee of 2019 Pay During Shutdown

  Members of the U.S. Coast Guard will receive their paychecks for the month of December, according to an email to personnel from Coast Guard Vice Commandant Adm. Charles W. Ray.

 The Coast Guard is the only service branch of the U.S. military impacted by the partial government shutdown, and while the paychecks will offer welcome relief to active-duty personnel and some reservists, there is no indication that there will be further federal assistance until the White House and Congress reach a compromise to pass a continuing resolution to fund government operations.

 We issued a press release that may have helped spread awareness which can be found here...


Call To Convention

2019 CPOA / CGEA National Convention
1.  This serves as official notification of our Association's Annual National Convention which will be held from 3 - 5 April 2019 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, 2300 Dulles Corner Blvd, Herndon, Virginia 20171.

2.   All members in good standing have the right to speak on the Convention floor and vote on issues brought before the Assembly.  The USCG CPOA Operations Manual states that a quorum at an Annual Convention consists of a majority of those members in good standing in attendance.

3.   As this Convention has been been moved to April to facilitate the celebration of our 50th Anniversary, all Motions to Amend have been put on hold and will be addressed at our 2020 Convention. 

4.   Members wishing to dedicate this Convention to an individual, group, etc., shall petition the National President for approval.  Once approved, the National Office will be directed to notify everyone concerned and prepare presentation certificates.

5.  The tentative schedule for this year's Convention will be made available by 1 February on the CPOA website at  and included in our e-newsletters.

6.  Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised, 11 th Edition, by Henry M. III Robert, Daniel H. Honemann, Thomas J. Balch, Daniel E. Seabold & Scmuel Gerber, published by Da Capo Press, shall be the Parliamentary authority.  

7.  Please keep in mind that this Convention leads into our 50 th Anniversary Gala to be held in the same hotel, Saturday the 6 th of April.  More information can be found at:
Yours in Service,
BMCS Jon Ostrowski (Ret.)
CPOA National President

Anniversary Gala 

What better time to honor our long-time achievements and the future of what we can accomplish!

Celebrating 50 years of service to our fellow Chiefs, 
our Coast Guard Family, and our Communities.
April 6, 2019  |  5:30 pm - 11:00 pm  |  Herndon, VA

The Coast Guard Silent Drill team is to perform, a string quartet will  play during dinner, and dancing after dinner will continue until 11 pm!

A hand-crafted legacy time capsule will be presented for all Honorable Chiefs in attendance to provide 
 "Words of Wisdom," Coast Guard, & CPOA memorabilia which will be locked up and placed in the soon to be constructed CG Museum...only to be opened at our 100th Anniversary in 2069.  

If you're not able to attend, please take the time to open your January issue of The Chief that includes a small pull-out that you can send to us and we'll ensure it's included in the time-capsule! 

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CCCAF & Walter Gore Scholarship Open Season

  Information on our Captain Caliendo College Assistance Fund (CCCAF) can be found here...

Our Walter Gore Scholarship information can be found here...



Together We Served: 
CWO3 Joe Loiseau (Ret)
  In 1968-69, I was in my senior year of high school when the Vietnam War was still raging. I knew the likelihood of being drafted into the Army and sent to Vietnam was pretty good. I neither wanted to go into the Army nor to Vietnam. My best option was to check out the U.S. Coast Guard. That's when I discovered there was a six-month waiting list for the Coast Guard. I went down to the Coast Guard recruiting station in January 1969, signed the enlistment papers and continued my high school education.

  On a Friday in June 1969, I graduated from high school and on Monday, two days later, I was in boot camp. What I could not have ever dreamed of at the time was that Vietnam was indeed going to be a part of my future after all.


 Book of the Month
  If the Marines are "the few, the proud," Recon Marines are the fewest and the proudest. Nathaniel Fick's career begins with a hellish summer at Quantico, after his junior year at Dartmouth. He leads a platoon in Afghanistan just after 9/11 and advances to the pinnacle-Recon- two years later, on the eve of war with Iraq. His vast skill set puts him in front of the front lines, leading twenty-two Marines into the deadliest conflict since Vietnam. He vows to bring all his men home safely, and to do so he'll need more than his top-flight education. Fick unveils the process that makes Marine officers such legendary leaders and shares his hard-won insights into the differences between military ideals and military practice, which can mock those ideals.


Find Your Boot Camp Friends
   Interested to find old friends you went to Boot Camp with? If so, Together We Served has made it even easier.

   They have extended their unique "Also There" feature to find more members who were in Boot Camp at the same time as you. Even if they could not remember their training company or platoon, we can match you based on location and start month.
   All you need to do is enter whatever boot camp details you can recall and we will find other members who trained alongside you!
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  If you've recently retired and were using an allotment to pay your dues, there's a good chance you are no longer an active member. Please read these procedures for starting, changing, and stopping an allotment in Direct Access II/Retired Global Pay Self-Service.  


   Or just call the U. S. Coast Guard Pay & Personnel Center 
to talk to a pay technician 
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