CPP Program - Key Updates
Mid-Year Vaccine Rebates are on the way
In April, CPP will be sending rebates to members who purchased mainline vaccines from Sanofi and Merck as well as Sanofi flu vaccines between July 1 – December 31, 2021. Maximize your rebates in 2022 by making sure your practice is linked to both the Sanofi and Merck discounts!

If you would prefer to receive your rebate via electronic deposit, please submit this ACH authorization form to CPP at [email protected] or fax it to 614-722-2149. If you already submitted this form to CPP, you do not need to complete it again.
Flu Pre-Book Reminder & Deadlines
Please don’t forget about pre-booking your flu vaccines for the 2022-2023 flu season. Here is a summary of details and deadline dates from our flu vaccine partners:


Updated pricing and program details for Fluzone, High-Dose Fluzone and Flublok vaccines for the 2022-2023 flu season can be obtained by contacting the CPP office.

  • EXTENDED 2022 Deadline: Pre-book by April 15, 2022 to receive the CPP member discount, delivery commitment and returns allowance as supply remains available.

To participate, confirm your pre-book reservation with Sanofi by logging onto www.VaccineShoppe.com.  

AstraZeneca - FluMist

Updated pricing and program details for FluMist can be obtained by contacting the CPP office. Orders can be placed through authorized distributors of FluMist (McKesson, FFF Enterprises and Besse Medical) or by visiting the FluMist website.

To participate, please complete the declaration form and send it to CPP at [email protected] or fax it to 614-722-2149. If you have already submitted a declaration form to CPP to participate in this discount opportunity in prior years, you do not need to complete another one. 

  • 2022 Deadline: Pre-book by April 30, 2022 to receive the CPP member discount, delivery commitment and returns allowance or as supply remains available.

To explore the Coverage, Effectiveness and Safety Profile Data for FluMist Quadrivalent, watch this quick presentation by Dr. Ravi Jhaveri.
Vaccine Updates
Prefilled Syringes of Quadracel Now Available!

Beginning in April, Sanofi will be launching their new Prefilled Syringe presentation of Quadracel, made without natural rubber latex. To view more information, click here.

Does your practice still have flu vaccine doses on hand from the 2021-2022 flu season?

Influenza is still circulating in some communities. Don’t forget to recall eligible patients who were flu vaccine naïve before their first dose administered in the fall of 2021 to administer their 2nd dose!

Some children 6 months to 8 years old require two doses of flu vaccine. Children in this age group getting vaccinated for the first time, and those who have only previously received one dose of vaccine, should get two doses of vaccine this season. For those children, it is recommended they get the first dose as soon as the vaccine is available, because the second needs to be given at least 4 weeks after the first.

Valuable Resources
New Vaccine Management Resources!

Credit Card Options

Utilizing credit can free up cash flow for your practice and provide cash back benefits. When discussing line of credit and spending habits keep in mind:

  • Periods of elevated vaccine spend
  • Partial payment opportunities (pay off the card multiple times during the month)

Please view our CPP Credit Card Resource Guide to explore the benefits of paying for vaccines with a credit card.

*Important Disclosure: This information is current as of April 2022. It is necessary to visit or call the financial group you are considering for current terms and conditions of each credit card.

CDC Updated Resource

The CDC has updated the pneumococcal vaccination app, PneumoRecs VaxAdvisor. This timely app gives guidance for pneumococcal vaccine changes in 2022 with two new vaccines:

  • Vaxneuvance™ (Merck) and Prevnar 20™ (Pfizer) approved for patients 18+ and are now incorporated into the CPP vaccine group purchase program.

Visit the CDC website to learn how to download the app and get additional information.
Important Dates
April 15 Sanofi flu vaccine pre-book deadline

April 30 – AstraZeneca flu vaccine pre-book deadline

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