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CPPA Member Update
Due to the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we've created a temporary page on our website to help educate & update our community. This is a public forum for our local promotional products community (both CPPA members & non-members alike) to post about their company's current operational status. We will be updating all respective statuses as the responses are received. 

Please visit the CDC Coronavirus web page for up-to-date information about risks, symptoms, common questions, situational updates, risk assessment, and much more. Click HERE for the COVID-19 CDC recommended actions report.

PPAI has a wealth of information about the virus and how it is affecting our industy.  Click HERE to find webinars, videos, publications, situation reports, travel advisories and links to a ton of resources to keep you informed.

#stopthespread with these handy tips.
The impact of the new coronavirus disease, COVID-19, is being felt all over the world.   Follow these tips from the World Health Organization to keep yourself safe and help contain the spread of the virus. 

1. Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds.
2. Avoid touching your face, eyes, mouth, and nose. 
3. Avoid contact with people who are vulnerable. And if you can't, wear a mask.
4. Cover your cough with the bend of your elbow.
5. Disinfect surfaces you regularly use. 
6. If you feel unwell, stay at home and call your healthcare provider. 
7. Only share information from trusted sources.

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Did You Miss Any of the previous CPPA Webinars? 
Now is a great time to catch up on them!  

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  • Dylan Sullivan, Intro to: Weighing the Pros and Cons of Screen Printing, Embroidery, Direct to Garment, and Heat Transfers Click here
  • Brad Bartlett,  Direct Mail is Not Dead   Click here
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  • Cathy Cain-Blank,  How to Create Email Content That Drives New Business   Click here
  • Scott Nussinow,  Is Your Website Leaking Customers?   Click here
  • Bill McCormick,  LinkedIn Foundations for Promo Product Sales  Click here
  • Glenn Rudin,  Would You Do Business With YOU?!  Click here
  • KC Fields and Paul Sprunk,  Eliminate Your Apparel Competition  Click here
  • Scott Nussinow,  Outsource Like a Supplier All Star   Click here
  • Mitch Group & Jill Wattenberg, Y our Marketing Success Begins  With a Great Visual   Click here
  • Joel Schaffer, T he Public Relations Clinic  Click here
  • Lenny Polakoff,  Is Your House In Order? A Practical Guide to a Five Pillar Compliance Program  Click here
  • Dylan Sullivan,  How to Streamline Your Purchase Orders, Writing a Purchase Order ONCE!  The Right Way   Click here
  • Eileen Lynch and Adam Morales,  Writing Instruments: Where Do We Go From Here? Click here
  • Brad Bartlett,  How Can You Tap Into the Lucrative Point of Sale Market at Retail  Click here
  • Andy Evans,  Company Stores   Click here
  • Maurice Norris,  Legislative Review and A Look to 2020  Click here
  • Eli Braun & Adam Sedaka, What is Your Data Telling You  Click here
  • Jason Nokes, Get to Know Promo Pulse  Click here
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PPAI Awards & Recognition
Deadline is TOMORROW, March 20, 2020

Take A Moment To Submit A Nomination

The promotional products industry is fortunate to be led by talented and passionate individuals who give so much of their time and efforts to build and grow their communities, organizations, and the industry.

These prestigious awards identify leaders for their professional achievements and commitment to their communities. PPAI depends on members like you to help us recognize these outstanding individuals.

Through volunteer service or by offering their leadership to PPAI, these honorees make significant, enduring contributions to their local and professional communities.
Deadline: March 20

This achievement recognizes industry visionaries- members whose careers have made a significant and positive impact on our industry and Association. 
Deadline: March 20

This award honors professionals whose noteworthy lifelong personal commitment to the promotional products industry extends beyond their companies and into their communities. 
Deadline: March 20

We spotlight members who exemplify the spirit of volunteerism and dedication to the promotional products industry. They continue to inspire their regional community with their perseverance, passion, and dedication.
Deadline: April 3

Far beyond getting out of your pajamas, these tips encourage wellness when you are working from home.
According to Paul Statham, CEO at Condeco Software, "Coronavirus is accelerating working from home, a trend that was already happening in many businesses and organizations. According to our Modern Workplace 2019 report, 41 percent of employers now offer some form of remote working, and we expect that figure to be even higher in our next report due to be released in April." 

Statham continues, "New technology has enabled companies to offer employees this flexibility and that means that even in the midst of a global crisis, businesses can carry on productively with limited impact in a secure and collaborative way. Threats to business come from many areas but those companies that are using technology to maximize their productivity already, including the ability to meet in a virtual meeting online or book desks, workspace or meeting spaces from a remote location, will find it easier to ride out disruption."      Read More
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