Dear Students,

A warm welcome to our new students and an equally warm welcome back to those of you who are continuing in your studies at CPS! We are thrilled to have all of you with us this semester.

I am writing today to provide information about Academic Integrity at Villanova and the tutorial and pledge that all students are required to complete. If you have not done so in a previous semester or earlier this fall, you are required to complete this by Friday, September 25, 2020.

You may be wondering what Academic Integrity means. As described on the Provost’s website: “academic integrity, n.: the process of maintaining honesty about ideas and their sources, and avoiding behaviors such as cheating on tests, plagiarizing papers, falsifying data.” “Academic integrity is a primary value for any institution of higher education. Cheating on tests, plagiarism, and other forms of academic dishonesty and misconduct are completely unacceptable, especially at Villanova which prides itself on its commitment to the Augustinian values of truth, unity, and love.”

It is integral to your academic success at Villanova that you understand what is expected of you by the University and your professors. To that end, Provost Maggitti has required all students take the tutorial and sign the Academic Integrity Pledge. To do so, please complete the following:

Once you are confident that you understand the policy, code and concepts, you must sign the Academic Integrity Pledge.

  • The Pledge can be found via your MyNova Portal
  • Type Academic Integrity in the search bar at the top and the correlating tiles will appear.

As always, if you have any difficulty, concerns or questions, the advising team is here to assist you, feel free to contact your academic advisor or me at any time.
Best wishes for a successful semester!

Warm regards,

Susan Leighton
Director, Academic Programs

Fall 2020 Drop-in Hours
The advising team is now offering open office hours for students who need to speak with an advisor but do not have a scheduled appointment. You can view the Fall 2020 Drop-in Hours or access the office hours directly by clicking on the advisor’s name below. Sessions are staffed by a CPS Advisor who will be able to answer any general questions you may have. You may also drop-in to speak with your own advisor during their assigned timeslot. Please be aware that these blocks are open to all students and there may be a delay if the advisor is with another student when you try to sign on. If so, the advisor will communicate with you while you are in the waiting room with an estimated wait time. Similarly, please also be aware that there may be another student in the waiting room during your timeframe. We encourage you to schedule an appointment if you need to discuss something that may last longer than a drop-in session permits.
Tues, 3:00-5:00 pm EDT: Robyn Dooley
Wed, 4:00-6:00 pm EDT: Olivia D’Aiutolo Mendenall
Thurs, 4:00-6:00 pm EDT: Kirstin DeFusco Houtz

1842 Day
Help Us Unlock the CPS Challenge on 1842 Day!

On Tuesday, September 22, Villanovans around the world will come together for 1842 Day, our annual day of giving. This is our time to celebrate and support the people and programs that are making a difference at Villanova and beyond.

Stay tuned for more details, including ways for you to participate in the 1842 Day CPS Challenge, which will make every gift go further! You support of any amount will make a difference and help us unlock this special donor challenge! 
Student Spotlight: Brittni Jones
Brittni Jones transferred to CPS in Fall of 2018, and she will be graduating in Spring 2021 with a degree in General Studies. She has explored a wide breadth of course topics and has excelled in all of them, maintaining a phenomenal 3.97 GPA. Brittni’s positive energy is contagious, and she demonstrates a strong determination to succeed in all facets of her life. She is channeling her knowledge and passion into pursuing a law degree, and she hopes to take the LSAT later this year and eventually become a corporate lawyer. Brittni is a mother, and she takes classes online from the DC-area. She has accomplished so much in her years in CPS, and we cannot wait to see her take on law school next!
New Scheduling and Communication Platform
Please take a minute to download Microsoft Teams to your laptop and smart phone. You will be able to communicate with your advisor via video conferencing and messaging much like text messaging. To download to your computer, click here and select “sign in” using your Villanova Single Sign On credentials. You can also download to your smart phone so you’ll never miss a beat! 
September Academic and Student Support Workshops
CPS and Villanova are dedicated to providing robust offerings to enhance your academic and overall well-being. Please check out our virtual offerings each month.
Mon, Sept. 21, 6:00-7:00 pm EDT New Year, New You
Looking to start your semester off right? In partnership with the Office of Health Promotions, Office of Undergraduate Students, and The Clay Center at Villanova School of Business, CPS will be hosting an event for all students to discuss well-being, goal setting, creating a plan, and how to get things done using your CliftonStrengths! Please join us on Monday, Sept. 21 at 6:00 pm. This event is required if you are taking CPS 1001 and an approved cultural event if you are taking ACS 1000! Click here to register for the workshop!
Mon, Sept. 28, 5:00-6:00 pm EDT How to Study for Math and Science
Offered through the Office of Undergraduate Students (OUS), this workshop will provide insight into the various ways to approach studying for science courses at the college level. The presentation will include tips, strategies and do's and don'ts. There will be a hands-on component to the workshop where we will be actively using different study techniques, so come ready to participate! This session will be led by Dr. Christina Winterton, Faculty Advisor for Exploratory Sciences. Click here to register.
Wed, Oct 7, 12:00 - 1:00 pm EDT Ignite Your Strengths for Graduate and College of Professional Studies Students
We invite you to a special professional development event specifically tailored for graduate and College of Professional Studies students. During this workshop, Meredith Okenquist, Career Transitions Coach from Villanova University Experienced Career Services, will guide you through Identifying your natural talents and aligning them for academic, personal and professional success. Registrants for this program will receive free access to the CliftonStrengths Assessment and participate in a live webinar debrief. Click here to register. 
CPS Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee
The College of Professional Studies has developed a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee that will be comprised of students, faculty, staff and alumni. As leaders in families, communities, businesses, government, non-profit organizations, and the military, you are uniquely positioned to contribute to lasting organizational and systemic change. Applications for the executive board and general membership are due October 1. For more information, please visit the DEI webpage.
Fall 2020 Academic Calendar
Sun, October 4: Fast Forward 1 Ends
Mon, October 5: Fast Forward 2 Begins
Thurs, October 8: Full Term Midterm & Fast Forward 1 Grades Due (Noon)
TBD: Registration Advising Begins
TBD: Registration Begins for Spring 2021
Wed, October 28: Last Day for Authorized Withdrawal from Full Semester without Academic Penalty (WX)
Fri, October 30: Last Day for Authorized Withdrawal from Fast Forward 2 without Academic Penalty (WX)
Sun, November 22: Fast Forward 2 Ends
Mon, November 23: Final Day of Full Semester Classes
Tues, November 24: Reading Day
Wed, November 25: Fast Forward 2 Grades Due (Noon)
Mon, November 30 to Sat, December 5: Full Semester Final Examinations
Tues, December 8: Full Semester Final Grades Due (Noon)
CPS New Academic Offerings
The College of Professional Studies offers various opportunities for students to earn academic credit while enhancing professional growth through practical experiences and workshops. Through consultation with their advisor, students can choose from the courses below to complement their undergraduate major curriculum. 
CPS 1200 New Manager Bootcamp
We are excited to offer this 100% online four-week workshop for academic credit! This workshop is geared towards students who are new or transitioning to a management role. By taking this course, you will gain a strong foundation to achieve the following:

  • Identify and understand your strengths and weaknesses and then learn how to lead with your strengths while you gain awareness and devise strategies to improve in areas you need to develop
  • Learn how to use motivational levers, social styles, and framing models to improve your interactions with your team members and develop your organizational culture
  • Examine your communication style and patterns, and recognize ways to refine your style to increase team members’ engagement
  • Understand the complexities of organizational change so you can better prepare and help your team members adapt and become more effective change agents
  • Develop the ability to coach your team members on how to lead with their strengths and develop in areas they need to improve to achieve their potential
  • Create a leadership vision that will motivate, engage, and sustain you and your employees to become a highly effective, dynamic team
  • Develop an action plan to implement the ideas from the training in your workplace

The course will run October 7, 14, 21, and 28 from 7:00-9:00 pm. For more information, visit the New Manager Bootcamp webpage.
CPS 3400 Internship
Start thinking about internships for the Spring 2021 semester! Internships provide concrete opportunities for students to make tangible connections between classroom theory and practical application. Students may complete an internship for up to 6 credit hours towards their undergraduate degree. If you are interested in completing an internship in the spring semester, please contact your advisor and apply here
Consider declaring a CPS minor in Leadership and/or Organizational Development and Management! Adding a minor can complement your major coursework and enhance your marketability. Each minor is comprised of 6 courses (18 credits) to complete. Complete this form to add a minor or make any changes do your degree program.
A note from Meredith Okenquist 96' CLAS, Career Transitions Coach
Trusted External Job Search Engine

Looking for jobs in a few different locations? Want to find contact information for people who work at employers of interest? Through Villanova, you have access to search internship and job listings as well as company and people profiles from all around the web in one place with CareerShift. With CareerShift, you can:
  • Search, select and store job listings from all job boards and all company job postings.
  • Receive up-to-date contact information, including e-mail addresses, for millions of companies.
  • Create personal marketing campaigns, including unlimited resumes and cover letters easily, and save them to access, print or e-mail.

To create your account and begin using the site, visit Villanova's portal on CareerShift and use your Villanova email address to register (accounts must have email addresses with the "@villanova.edu" domain in order to be activated by CareerShift). Once you are registered, you can always return to the portal to log in.

For more information on CareerShift, please watch our walkthrough video
Career Outcomes Survey 
Calling all recent graduates from Summer 2019, Fall 2019, and Spring 2020! We are extremely proud of all your academic accomplishments and want to know your professional achievements since graduation. The Career Center generates the Career Outcomes Survey that is sent to all graduates across the university. The responses provide insight into the employment and continuing education status of our Villanova graduates.

After clicking on the link, it will prompt you to log into Handshake with your Villanova credentials to validate your identity first. Please let us know if you have any difficulty. The survey will close on November 30 with final information on the graduates published in early 2021.
Spring 2021 Scholarships
Applications for Spring 2021 scholarships are open! If you would like to be considered for one of our scholarships, please fill out the CPS Scholarship Application Form on our Policies & Forms page by October 1. You must complete and submit the online application and email the supplemental materials to [email protected] for your application to be processed.
Villanova University’s Mission statement calls for a community of people “who seek to nurture a concern for the common good and who share an enthusiasm for the challenge of responsible and productive citizenship.” The Villanova Student Government Association, the Office of Student Involvement, the Office of Government Relations, along with campus colleagues are excited provide campus coalition to promote voter education, voter registration and voter mobilization. For information on voting in this year’s presidential election, please visit the Student Life website
Update Your Information!
To ensure that we have the most accurate and up to date information, please make sure you are submitting official name and address changes into the Office of Enrollment Management.