August 2020
Thursday, August 20, 2020
Join the Participation Summit on Partnerism

Volunteers are organizing to grow the methods originated in
Riane Eisler’s work that show us that we CAN create caring systems
that help us all flourish.

Covid-19, unemployment, brutality and climate destabilization…in this difficult time we can join together and build caring policies and caring economics that work for everyone.

Join us for this free event to discover how you can replace domination systems by creating partnership systems.

Partnerism: A New System That Works for Everyone

Read the Medium article by Teri McGovern-Nintzel – Partnerism: One -Ism to Cure Them All. At CPS, our goal is for Partnerism, Insertdescribed by Riane Eisler as "A new social and economic system that develops our human capacity to care for all people and nature", to be a household word by 2021.

Riane Eisler in Forbes Women

In the Forbes Women article What’s Next? 4 Economists On How Our Economic Systems Can Transform For The Better, Riane Eisler shares how the COVID crisis reveals the gaps in an inadequate economy and the need for a major rethinking of our economic system.

Grandfather's Garden
Story Time for Children

Brie Mathers reads Grandfather’s Garden, written by Riane Eisler’s beloved partner, esteemed scholar David Loye. Stories include The Mifwump, The Baby Carrot That Wanted to Be a Speedboat Racer, Babbage the Cabbage, and more.

New COVID/Racial Justice High School Curriculum

Frank Mathews, a Modern World History teacher in Portland, OR, designed new partnership-based online curriculum for his 9th grade students exploring the intersection of the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s effects on economics and people of color. The lesson plans reveal the roots of domination systems and the economic inequities of global colonialism through a racial lens.

University of Udine Announces New Partnership Programs

The Partnership Studies Group (PSG) and the University of Udine, Italy, announced a new anthology: Ecology and Partnership Studies in Anglophone Literatures, by Antonella Riem and John Thieme, and a new Master's degree in Partnership and Shamanism, the first of its kind.

Social Media Spotlight

Thanks to Valerie Young, CPS Social Media Manager, for tracking the increasing social media references to a progressive "caring economy" in the news. In your social media channels, share the good news affirming the benefits of a caring economic system. #Partnerism

NEW Course with Riane Eisler! Building a Partnership World

Developed in partnership with the Omega Institute, the new online course Building a Partnership World weaves together knowledge from cultural history, gender studies, economics, and neuroscience. Instructor Dr. Riane Eisler shows us how we can construct a more equitable, sustainable, and less violent world based on partnership rather than domination.

IJPS Call for Papers

The Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies is accepting papers for the Fall, 2020 issue on “Partnership-Based Models of Government Programs". Do government services always orient toward hierarchies of domination, or are there positive examples of partnership-based government programs? Deadline is Sept. 15, 2020. Cover art by Margaret Carroll Thompson

Kendra Pink: "As the effects of COVID-19 were beginning to be felt in my local community, I experienced simultaneous and direct contrasts in outcomes when approaching difficulties through partnership rather than domination. One in business, the other at home".
Jed Diamond: "I’m not black, but what happens to black people strikes very close to home. It’s personal for me. My wife and I adopted Angela, an African American girl, when she was 2 1/2 months old. In these times of uncertainty and confusion, thoughts and feelings come together and click into place like the Lego blocks my grandchildren used to play with." Read more
Anne Marie Marron: "We are living in a cauldron of uncertainty together. The COVID-19 pause is providing us with an opportunity to reevaluate and engage in honest conversations with take responsibility for how we consciously choose, even in the midst of paradoxes and fears. Read more
Xosé Gabriel Vázquez: "The spread of hatred it is the worst pandemic of humanity, by far...because nothing has claimed as many lives, efforts, resources and misfortunes. The contagion of human hatred is still more powerful and lethal than that of a microorganism". Read more
Valeria Vanzani: "Western society has focused on physical violence, but psychological violence remains invisible to those who believe only what they see. It is no coincidence that women victims of domination systems develop psycho-physical syndromes related to pain." Read more
Shannon Mannon: "Watching protests and riots roil across communities in America, it’s hard to tell where destruction ends, and creation begins. But forest fires seed new growth. We can walk out our front door right now and invite someone we’d like to better understand into conversation." Read more
Nurturing Our Humanity:
How Domination and Partnership Shape Our Brains, Lives,
and Future
by Riane Eisler and Douglas P. Fry
Oxford University Press

“In a world that feels ever more dangerous, divided, and out of balance, Nurturing Our Humanity outlines the roadmap for how we raise a healthier generation of children and move away from a punitive and domination based society to a world that leads with partnership-where empathy, care, and community are valued above all, and each can fulfill our full human potential.”
— Jennifer Siebel Newsom, First Partner of California, Filmmaker, Miss Representation, The Mask You Live In, The Great American Lie

Hear Riane’s 2-minute introduction to the book:
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