December 2018
How are you putting Partnership principles into action? 
If you missed the December 6, 2018 CPS Global Community Gathering online event, no worries—watch the full session video below. Hear presenters Ginger Garner, Travis Petchell and Shannon Mannon talk about their unique Partnership-based work. With Riane Eisler, Sara Saltee, and Ann Amberg. Tune in to the 16th CPS Global Gathering and be inspired!
The Center for Partnership Studies was represented at the 2018 Parliament of the World Religions , November 1-7 in Toronto, Canada.
In the article " How to teach economics to millennials , Gen Z ”, Mumbai professor Indradeep Ghosh cites Caring Economy principles and Eisler's book The Real Wealth of Nations.
Riane Eisler gave the opening keynote speech on Transforming Masculinity, Femininity, Spirituality, and Society: From Domination to Partnership at the 23rd Annual BISC-MI Conference in Michigan.
The Fall 2018 issue of the Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies (IJPS) is now available, and includes the full transcript of Riane Eisler's plenary speech at the 2018 Futures Congress, Chile: “Contracting or Expanding Consciousness: Foundations for Partnership and Peace”.
IJPS cover art: Woman in Stone, 2018 by Tricia Grame
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In her story "Grandmother Wisdom – Boys & Sticks", Regina Marian writes "What if when we saw our small child pick up a stick and use it as something to inflict damage, we stopped them?" Read more
In Leading by Mandala, Nurete Brenner writes, "How does a society cross the threshold from the myth of the strong leader to a new story of collective leadership?" Read more
In her article Feminine Leadership, Isabelle François writes about how we can bring about a new, partnership-oriented style of leadership: "The answer does not lie out there. It sits inside, and requires an honest search deep down for authenticity and integrity."  Read More
Lara Drasin's article, "Is Hollywood Shifting? Feminine Leadership as Portrayed in Moana and Wonder Woman" explores a "shero" identity: "...a style of strength and power that is focused on collaboration, egalitarianism, cohesion and respect." Read More
Shannon Mannon, filmmaker and co-founder of the 3-Minute Storyteller, has interviewed over 80 change makers, educators, artists and activists. She shares her inspiring partnership stories in this article. Read More
In Mama Wimbi: Women Making Waves, Penny Vos shares how a grassroots international collaborative is making constructive change in the Congo. Check it out!
In her article on organizational culture, Rayona Sharpnack asks "How can we stop undermining other women and start supporting each other? Think what our workplaces would be like if we all “leaned in” on behalf of other women." Read more
Terrie Lupberger "Power. It’s a word that conjures up lots of mixed feelings – confusion, anger, desire, fear, misunderstanding, etc. In my work with women leaders, I find it’s a concept that continues to trip us up..." Read more
Sandie Oestreich voices a clarion call to educate ourselves on The Equal Rights Amendment: what you didn’t know. Read more
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