December 2019
Two Special Holiday Gifts for Friends and Family
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The Social Wealth Index:
Investing in the Care of People and Planet
During the July, 2019 Bretton Woods 75 Conference , a team led by Riane Eisler and CPS formed for the purpose of developing a new economic Social Wealth Index (SWI) to guide enactment of policies that promote optimal human development and protect our natural environment, as well as ensuring business and economic health.

Watch the September, 2019 Social Wealth Index tutorial with Riane Eisler and the SWI team.

Access the updated " Counting Care In " presentation: a short overview of why we need a new set of economic indicators now.

Check out current interviews and articles at CPS News & Events .
Nurturing Our Humanity:
the Perfect Holiday Gift
Give a world-changing gift to all your loved ones this holiday season: Nurturing Our Humanity: How Domination and Partnership Shape Our Brains, Lives, and Future , by Riane Eisler and Douglas P. Fry. Watch Riane's interview on Free Speech TV and learn more about the book. Available in hardcover or Kindle on Amazon. Did you know that AmazonSmile gives 0.5% of all eligible purchases to CPS? It's easy to use! How to use AmazonSmile

New Stories for Young and Old: Grandfathers Garden
by David Loye
The whimsical short stories in Grandfather’s Garden, by Dr. David Loye (Riane Eisler’s husband, partner in life, and CPS co-founder) is in Riane’s words, “partnership theme fables ”. Riane is excited about this wonderful book and recommends it to everyone as the ideal holiday gift for all ages. Adult readers report that these imaginative tales are a calming, hopeful relief from the daily bad news that bombards us, and a pleasure to read for their off-beat humor.

Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies: Fall, 2019 The theme for this issue of the Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies is Child Development, with guest editors Darcia Narvaez, PhD. and Mary S. Tarsha MEd. Cover art: Sacred Passages - Balance by Vara Kamin.
Save the Date: Safe Conversations II webinar January 16, 2020
CPS is honored to host the second Safe Conversations webinar with Riane Eisler and Relationships First co-founders Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt and Dr. Harville Hendrix. Join us and discover in further depth how the 3-step Safe Conversations process is a key element in all of our relationships and key for the shift to partnership systems. Stay tuned for more information and registration:

Partnership Leaders Around the World
Here are a just a few of the leaders who are applying partnership and caring
economy principles creatively in their work, their communities, in higher education, and in activism.

Support Marta Mondéjar to translate partnership publications into Spanish! Marta, a partnership leader in Madrid, created her personal website Mujeres Sentadas en Círculo (“Women Sitting in a Circle”), with a focus on strengthening the partnership movement. You can help support sustainable funding for Marta’s inspired translation work into the future. Read more

University partnership educator Jen Taylor taught a four part Philosophy lecture series, ‘Dominator Problems & Partnership Solutions’ based on Riane Eisler's The Chalice and the Blade at University of Connecticut, Middlesex Community College, and Wesleyan College. She writes, “Students are hungry for this information”. Read more

Tanja Kovac , caring economy advocate and gender equity leader in Australia, was responsible for overseeing Victoria’s strategic family violence prevention and gender equality agenda, including creating the Victoria’s first Gender Equality Strategy. She is currently consulting CEO to Gender Equity Victoria, and offers advice to women engaged in gender equality advocacy (hint:self-care). Read more

Inspired by the Fall, 2019 Safe Conversations webinar, CPS Community leaders share their views on partnership relations in the Leaders Blog:

Darcia Narvaez describes how the developmental niche called the evolved nest (children who are raised to expect partnership care from age 0-6) supports healthy neurobiological development upon which skilled sociality, prosocial morality and virtue depend. Read more

Martha Caldwell and Oman Frame engage groups in dynamic, partnership-based conversations about their diverse identity experience. They write, "These conversations have the potential, if facilitated effectively, to create identity-safe spaces that generate transformational change".

Ted Rau teaches the partnership-based, group governance framework called sociocracy. In "Dare to be Human: Consent Decision Making", he describes how sociocracy combines a decision-making method (consent) with a team structure (linked, nested circles) and a commitment to optimizing human connection. Read more

Louise Hart discusses power and responsibility in parenting in "A Win-Win Vision for Families". She observes, "When parents are partners with each other, they model partnership to their children. Empowering children requires listening with respect, being compassionate, and offering choices". Read more

Jul Bystrova, founder of the Inner Resilience Network and Director of the Era of Care project, shares how an embodied, trauma-informed approach to intercultural healing can help to navigate human evolution in "Intercultural Healing: Building Caring Partnerships is Social Justice". Read more

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