July 2021

Here at the Center for Partnership Systems we are excited to announce the Meridian University concentration for Partnership Practitioners for those looking to get an advanced degree in Partnership Systems.

Riane Eisler will co-lead the new Partnership Systems Concentration with Aftab Omer, sociologist, psychologist, futurist, and president of Meridian University, and Melissa Schwartz, Chief Academic Officer at Meridian University, psychologist, and marriage and family therapist.

Starting September 14 through October 31, 2021, Eisler and Omer will be teaching the online MA and PHD level course titled "Reimagining Power and Revaluing Care: Actualizing the Potentials of Partnership Systems" for both the public and Meridian graduate students as part of the Partnership Systems Concentration.

🔎 Quick Note from Riane Eisler:
"I am very excited about the specialized concentration for Partnership Practitioners. I want to emphasize that for those of you who want to get an advanced degree in Partnership Systems, Meridian will help with the financing." Read more
The Center for Partnership Systems — formerly the Center for Partnership Studies—was founded in 1987 by Dr. Riane Eisler. This year we have a new name, a new look and a new website.

Shifting away from the legacy of domination that we’ve inherited to again build the Partnership Systems needed to support human thriving and the survival of our planet is not an easy task. But, it is a task that starts with a conversation, one that can be started by sharing a piece of content from CPS’ online gallery.

We cordially invite you to check out the gallery on the new Center For Partnership Systems website. Find a piece of content particularly inspiring or thought provoking? Download and share it with a click of a button.

"Writing this tribute to Riane Eisler on her birthday feels oddly unreal when I think about my long-lived encounters with her work.

How is it possible this formidable woman, who has transformed the thinking of whole generations of women and men, thinks of me as a partner? How can I help further her work? Or—no! Rather, how has she made this OUR work?"

Here’s to you, Riane, and your partnered realization of so many bold dreams. Your inspiration will live forever.

I first met Riane Eisler in 1987 shortly after the publication of her book, The Chalice & the Blade: Our History, Our Future. I remember discussing our views on the future of humanity and the healing that needed to occur between men and women. My first book, Inside Out: Becoming My Own Man had been published in 1983, where I described my own healing journey. At a time when many female writers were blaming men for the problems in the world, I appreciated that Riane understood that the problem was not men, but the system of domination that harmed both women and men.

There are many obvious benefits to having more women in positions of political and economic power, but electing more women to office also correlates to greater overall happiness, according to a Ms.Magazine article by Riane Eisler and CPS team member Robyn Baker.

In the article, Eisler and Baker help readers take a step back and think about what national happiness truly is.

"In reality, a higher valuing of the stereotypically feminine—caring, caregiving and nonviolence—is not only good for women. It is also good for men and children of both genders, as well as for business.
In other words, investing in what was once seen as “women’s work” is key to success in our new technological era."

Riane Eisler reminds us that humans can endure the most difficult and painful chapters of history, and still contribute to a global paradigm shift in powerful ways.

By founding the Center for Partnership Systems, Eisler has created a focal point of connection, collaboration, and inspiration for all those seeking answers to the underlying “why” seemingly age-old challenges, from gender and racial inequality to persistent warfare, have continued into the 21st century.

I am sure the CPS team, our esteemed partners, and our heart-full community can unanimously agree that Riane Eisler’s work has opened our eyes and minds to the potential for Partnership in every aspect of life; with ourselves, each other, our communities, countries, and Earth.

Thank you to each and every one of you who sent Riane Eisler a message on her birthday! We compiled all of the wonderful birthday messages sent in via social media and email onto one big (four page) digital card.

Riane is so grateful for the deluge of love on her birthday:

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