March 2019
Why is attention to childhood & family relationships an essential cornerstone for building a Partnership world?
Sande Hart , Partnership activist and leader of the Charter for Compassion Women & Girls writes,"How do we create environments in our homes, in our workplace, in our community events, and in classrooms, where we normalize Partnership values and practices on a daily basis so our children grow into the assumption that a viable Partnership social system is 'just the way it is'? I believe circle is where we start. When in circle, everyone is seen, every voice is heard, no one is at the head of the table; to make space for more, all you have to do is widen the circle without losing its shape or value."

In honor of International Women's Day, and in advance of the 63rd Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, The Alchemy of Women and Girls Collective Wisdom and Power will convene a Circle gathering for women and girls in New York City. "We know this is where we start to discover who we are so we can better contribute to a Partnership society."

We are deeply grateful Sande for your inspired work and dedication to "changing the story" on behalf of women, girls and healthy families!

Read Sande's story in the Global Leaders Blog: The Alchemic Power of Circle .
Money-Wise Women: Caring Economy and Real Wealth
In this podcast interview "Real Wealth of the Caring Economy”, Riane Eisler comments, “The fuel of a more humane economy is not profit but a responsibility to care for one another and for the earth”. The average woman spends 15% of her working years in unpaid care work, caring for children and elderly parents, compared to the average man’s 1.6%. The well-being of society depends on the often free labor of women caring for others.
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As seen on Facebook: 'Parental management of family conflict and stress is central to child development'. Comment from CPS social media manager Valerie Young : "This post so captures the critical role of care in our interactions, and that it matters from a child's first months and years". #CareCounts
Thank you Valerie for curating the best and most timely data supporting our world-shifting work here at CPS.
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In her compelling article " Liberating Childhood and Our World", educator and author Teresa Graham Brett writes, "If we are to create broader social change, we must challenge ourselves to question our own authority and power, not just the power and authority of big corporations or governments." Read the post
Suzy Adra , in her post " Voicing Our Sovereignty as Women" questions the tenants of a culture of domination and reveals the links between creativity, sexual identity and women's empowerment. Read the post
Jen Taylor, in her engaging story "My Mother the Comedian" writes with wisdom, love and compassion about the interweaving truths of a lively mother-daughter dialogue in the context of moving from outmoded domination family patterns to Partnership practices. Read the post
Laureen Golden and Kimberlee Belcher-Badal pose the question, Why Talk about Patterns of Power in Childhood and Family Relations? in their article "Social Innovations Cultivating a Partnership World". They offer useful links to alternative pedagogies, leaders, system approaches to emotional/mental/social well being, and paradigm-shifting initiatives that are working toward building new patterns of Partnership as social innovation. Read the post
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