May 2019
Call to Action: #PartnershipNegotiation
Partnership Negotiation: How to Be an Agent
of Cultural Change Without Resorting to
Domination Tactics

Thank you to presenters Riane Eisler, Karen Walch, facilitator Sara Saltee, Jason Campbell and all those who attended the May 16, 2019 webinar Partnership Negotiation: How to Be an Agent of Cultural Change Without Resorting to Domination Tactics . It was a rich dialog that opened the field for continued conversation on how quantum negotiation practices, based on neuroscience research, can help us be more effective and more integrated as agents of positive change. Thank you to our co-sponsors!

Quantum Negotiation invites you to join the new Quantum Buoyancy Community space on Mighty Networks. To learn more, contact Jason Campbell .

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SAVE THE DATE: JUNE 28 CPS Community Gathering + Book Launch
How are you putting Partnership principles into action? Join Riane Eisler and CPS staff Friday, June 28, 2019 for the CPS Global Community Gathering and Book Launch. Hear Riane speak about her newest book, Nurturing Our Humanity. Hear from leaders worldwide who are advancing the partnership and caring economy movements. Share success stories that re-energize us for the next leg of our journey!
New book Nurturing Our Humanity available for pre-order
Here at CPS we're all a-buzz with the release of the long-awaited new book Nurturing Our Humanity: How Domination and Partnership Shape Our Brains, Lives, and Future, by Riane Eisler and Douglas P. Fry, published by Oxford University Press. "This fearless, beautiful, and very timely book is a radical reminder that humanity’s truest nature is oriented toward love, partnership, gender equality, and peace" —Jennifer Buffet, President, NoVo Foundation. Available at a 30% discount through the publisher with promo code ASPROMP8.

Women on Purpose for the Planet
In this interview with Terra Christoff for the Women on Purpose for the Planet series, Riane Eisler comments, “We are creating new narratives about our human nature. We’re learning from neuroscience that whether our capacities for caring and consciousness—and alternately, for insensitivity, cruelty and destructiveness—are expressed largely depends on the cultural environments we create. The changing of the story is the discovery that we’re predisposed for caring, creativity and consciousness as a species".
 Photo by Tetyana Kovyrina from Pexels.
The Interdisciplinary Journal for Partnership Studies: Spring 2019
The new issue of the Interdisciplinary Journal for Partnership Studies explores the theme of systemic ecological challenges, cultural transformation and interdisciplinary partnerships. Articles include "Planetary Grand Challenges: A Call for Interdisciplinary Partnerships" by Teddie Potter, Marie L.J. Gilbertson, and Meggan E. Craft; "Sustainable Agriculture--Going to the Root of the Problem: A Conversation with Wes Jackson" by Riane Eisler, "Forgiveness - The F Word: A Conversation with Louisa Hext " by Riane Eisler, and more.
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Jason Campbell M.L.S. , partnership and cultural change agent, is applying his degree in legal studies and his background as a caring economy and partnership leader to support a new framework for organizational negotiations grounded in partnership principles. "For our work to bring about the cultural transformation we seek, we need a holistic framework that includes partnership and domination systems. For this to be realistic, we must have a new understanding of negotiating behaviors and individual styles. As the saying goes, 'An intelligent person can benefit from others without hurting them, as a bee can sip from the nectar of a flower without harming it'. In partnership systems, we strive to negotiate with the focus on how we can actualize the greatest benefit for all."

Read Jason's full article in the Global Leaders Blog: The Authenticity of Negotiating Partnerships
Deeanna Burleson, Ph.D. , partnership leader, organizational consultant and faculty at the Complex Science Institute, UNC Charlotte, writes in her new blog post Organization as Community: Showing Up As Partnership Practitioners , "The topic of partnership in organizations is very dear to my heart and soul. Over the years as a nursing healthcare professional in the hierarchical and most often dominating environment of healthcare systems: military, veterans and civilian systems, I have had many experiences of feeling the brunt of domination in action and, sadly, often aligning with the environment and dominating others. To connect with others and to thrive in organizational culture, it has been my experience there has to be trust, engagement, mutual support and respect; a partnership between those involved." Read the post
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