November 2021
Do you know someone who believes that people derive more pleasure from winning & dominating than sharing & caring? You can give them:

Listen to Eisler's two minute intro to Nurturing Our Humanity here.

Do you know someone who still thinks economics cannot be caring?
You can give them:

Do you know someone who still thinks that the opposite of patriarchy must be matriarchy? You can give them:

Have 5 minutes? Watch the 2021 Riane Eisler Highlight Reel

As 2021 comes to an end, the Center for Partnership Systems looks back at the many (virtual) highlights from the year. Riane Eisler was busier than ever in 2021, appearing on many podcasts, TV news interviewsvirtual round tablesonline summits, and virtual events.

We invite you to view the 2021 Riane Eisler Highlight Reel that features many of Eisler's best soundbites and notable quotables from this year:

In this open-source article on Ensia, Dr. Teddie Potter, Director of Planetary Health at the University of Minnesota School of Nursing offers this bit of advise to those asking “How can we help?” “What can we do to support the nurses and doctors”?

Her response takes a larger view: “We can help nurses and doctors the most by changing the way we live and the choices we make so that pandemics are less likely to happen in the future.”

Dr. Potter states this is a good time to shift our cultural narrative to alter our current destructive trajectory. She discusses Riane Eisler’s cultural transformation theory that highlights a continuum and an evolution from our current authoritarian, Domination social system to one of Partnership, that promotes caring and conscientious values.

Have you heard of the terms gylanic or gylany?

Jed Diamond shares how Riane Eisler’s original term gylany (linking of women and men, rather than, as in androcracy, ranking men over women), offers a clear way to understand our shift from Domination systems to Partnership systems, especially in intimate relationships.

Jed Diamond: “As an evolutionary-trained healer, I’ve often wondered how far back in our evolutionary history we must go to find the first males and females? It was the first question I wanted answered when I began writing my latest book, 12 Rules for Good Men. I was surprised when I discovered the lineage of males and females goes back billions of years.”

CPS Founder and author Dr. Riane Eisler’s pioneering work in Partnership social systems is realized as close to home.

Ben Beesley and Riane Eisler met through Carmel Neighbors. 

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