September 2021

We are living in times of great change and great challenge. Yet, across the world, people are rising to the call of creating a better world — a world built on peace, equality, and caring for one another and for our planet.

On an individual basis, it can be difficult to figure out the exact part to play in building this better future, which is why the Center for Partnership Systems is launching a course to help do just that.

This October, we are launching an expansive and foundational online course that covers the whole body of Dr. Riane Eisler's work called "Changing Our Story, Changing Our Lives."
Whether you are new to Dr. Eisler’s work or have studied it for years, this self-paced course will deepen your understanding of Domination and Partnership Systems and will prepare you to embody Partnership values, advocate for Partnership policies, and apply Partnership practices in your own family, workplace, and community.

  • 4 Videos
  • 4 Video Transcripts
  • 5 Interactive Digital Workbooks
  • References and Resource Guides
  • Private Course Discussion Room 

🔎 Quick Note from Riane Eisler:
"I've devoted my life's work to uncovering a forgotten, but deeply hopeful, story that has been part of our heritage all along and is today supported by powerful evidence from social and biological science.

This story – unlike the ones we’ve been told - includes ALL of us: women, children, and men alike. In the videos and materials in this course, you will discover fresh possibilities for the part you play in that story and how we can work together through the global Partnerism Movement to build a better future."  Read more
News Flashes
As part of John Creger's curriculum, students submit Partnership essays that support their Personal Creed Project. Creger shared his student Nandana’s essay, in which she examines classic literature through the lens of Riane Eisler’s domination-Partnership social system models.
Neil Takemoto, founder of Be The Change Cooperative, is passionate about how we can co-create beautiful, walkable, well-serviced, and human-scale communities. Neil began to realize his motivation for pursuing a degree in architecture went beyond the innovative structure of a building.
Dr. Riane Eisler spoke at a special event with SheEO Activators + Ventures about "creating a better normal".
In a Forbes article titled,  "You’ve Met The Fathers Of Capitalism And Socialism—Now Meet The Mother Of Partnerism", journalist Melissa Jun Rowley eloquently introduces Riane Eisler as the Mother of Partnerism. Rowley starts off by asking readers to use their imaginations and think of a world that history books fail to teach us.
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