July 17, 2014 
In this issue:
- Happy Birthday to our original CQuest Captain, Doug Cortez! 
- This newsletter is a little shorter than usual as we are working on a special project - to be announced soon!
- Check the schedule for our next Captain's License Classes. 
- Take a look at our live online classes! They are one of the most convenient ways ever to get your Captain's License. See "Our Live Online Classes" at the bottom of this page to get a look at how it works!
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Lori and Rachel Cortez

CQuest Marine 

(510) 573-0641


Captain's Spotlight
Happy Birthday Captain Doug Cortez!
The original CQuest Captain!

Captain Doug Cortez 

7/18/1947 - 9/16/2005


The Captain was famous for telling everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, he met to follow their dreams. Like most of us Doug spent much of his life just dreaming his dreams. Like most of us he figured he'd get around to them "someday".


It was next to my father's hospital bed that Captain Doug first heard the words that would change his life.  My dad was recovering from a cancer surgery when he told Doug that he felt like he'd gotten a second chance and maybe it wasn't too late. He took Doug's hand, looked him straight in the eye and told him "Don't wait - Follow your dreams". Dad passed away a short time later but Captain Doug never forgot his advice.  


Doug lived his dream EVERYDAY. Within a few short years he had earned his Captain's License, bought and commissioned a new boat, and opened CQuest Marine to help others follow their dreams.


The Captain's course was not without challenges. He did not allow the injuries he sustained in a car accident stop him. Nearly losing his foot to complications from diabetes didn't slow him down. Open heart surgery only put more wind in his sails. 


He stayed his course and realized his dreams!


When people ask me about the "Follow Your Dreams" theme we chose for CQuest they wonder if it really speaks to boat owners, fishermen and Captains... They wonder if you identify with all the "touchy-feely-stuff about living your dreams". Without blinking I respond with an absolute and unequivocal "YES"! 


Captain Doug, our daughter Rachel and I have had the privilege of listening to the dreams of many of our CQuest friends and family.  You might start the conversation by saying that you just want to make a little extra money by taking people fishing.  But after a few minutes the dreams are revealed:

  • "I'd like to teach people how to choose the right boat."           
  • "Fishing with my dad taught me some great life lessons. I'd like to take kids and parents fishing."           
  • "I love the Bay Area and I love boating. I'd like to take people on historical tours by water." 

Or, the Captain's favorite -


In honor of Captain Doug's birthday I would simply ask you to consider YOUR dreams.  Take a minute to remember, then finish this sentence:


            "I have always dreamed of..."


"Someday" is TODAY! 


Whatever the next step is TAKE IT!  


Don't wait - Follow Your Dreams!


Happy Birthday Captain!

On Chart No. 18650
San Francisco Bay 
Candlestick Point to Angel Island:
-Pier D North Buoy (SFOBB) is Adrift 

A new obstruction in the San Pablo Bay area was listed in our Local Notice to Mariners two weeks ago affecting the following charts:


     - 18649 San Francisco Entrance

     - 18652 San Francisco Bay to San Pablo Bay

     - 18654 San Pablo Bay

New obstruction at 8 feet
Our Live Online Classes
A New Way to Get Your Captain's License! 
We have received an approval from the Coast Guard to conduct all of our Captain's License Classes in an online format. These are NOT the sit-by-yourself-in-front-of-the-computer classes that you may have seen elsewhere. These are live, online, face-to-face by webcam classes with an instructor and five students at a time on a secure platform. 
It's a new and convenient way to get your license:  
- Easy to fit into your schedule  
- All course materials will be mailed to you 
- No daily traffic hassles  
Find out more about our online classes here:

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Our Next Captain's License Classes
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Start Dates:
July 21 Evening Class
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September 22 Evening Class
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Captain Doug at the helm of the USS Constitution 
Boston Harbor 

The Local Notice to Mariners
Here is a link to the latest edition of the Local Notice to Mariners:
Of particular interest this week is:

On Chart No. 18650
San Francisco Bay 
Candlestick Point to Angel Island:
-Pier D North Buoy (SFOBB) is Adrift 
Larger image below and to the left 

Continuing from earlier LNM entries:
An opportunity for us to share comments and provide feedback regarding the Future of Navigation! 

- The new obstruction in San Pablo Bay that appeared in the LNM three weeks ago is suspected wreckage from the April 27 airplane crash. 
Please check out the Captain's Corner feature in last week's newsletter located here.
Recommended chart correction to the left.
- The whale watch continues in and around our San Francisco shipping lanes. 
NOAA is asking for the public's help in tracking whales. If you see whales, please record the date and location, the number of whales, the species (if known) and a description of the animals. Please email to whales@noaa.gov. Please report any collisions with whales or any observed injured or
dead whales to NOAA at 877-SOS-WHALe (877-767-9425) or to the U.S. Coast Guard on VHF-FM Chan.16. 

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