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Issue: #0316 Q1/2016
CR 914 Class

Ernest Head Shot
I wanted to take a moment to thank IV McNamara. He has recently volunteered to help get the web-site updated.  You should be seeing updates to the site. IV said to me that he volunteered because he was "tired of complaining and wanted to help" it is reasons like this that makes it possible to grow the class. Coordinated efforts with small time commitments among many can lead to big changes. IV and his club hosted the Tulsa Nationals and I am looking forward to returning to Tulsa to sail. With the growth of the Tulsa fleet and IV's active participation in regattas including to multiple Nationals I have recently appointed him to the Class Advisory Committee. Thank you IV for all of your help.

IV and I need your help. Please send us your regatta reports and photos. Also send us your funny stories of CR-914 sailin g any tips and tricks you may have. Photos, videos cartoons and write ups are all welcome. Then take a moment to send us your sailing schedule so that we can get this posted for people to sail. It can be your weekly schedule with time and location, your larger regattas too. The more information we have to wok with the better. We know there are many of you that are actively sailing your boats with others. We need to hear from you! You can send information to me or to IV at

Ernest Freeland
CR 914 Class Secretary

Rule Changes?  Lets talk!
Class Rules Discussion
At the Class Meeting last October in San Diego several ideas were discussed on possible changes to the Class Rules.  A discussion occurred and suggestions, some trivial and some radical were brought up and discussed.  A few of these ideas have evolved into a discussion among the Class Advisory Committee.  The first being Batteries.  

Battery Tech: Class Rule 12.4
When the CR914 was first developed Nickel Metal Hydride batteries were start of the art!  Including them and other AA based rechargeable batteries was a easy decision.  If anything the voltage difference in
 a rechargeable AA meant the owner would have to run a 5th battery and choose to increase weight.  (Although many CR914 still carry additional weight with a 5 cell battery pack to make minimum weight)  However as Lithium Polymer Batteries, or LiPos, were first being introduced the class evaluated the tech and decided to exclude it.  Mainly for its fire/explosion risk and the cost.  (When shorted out they literally catch fire in a spectacular manner)    However in the last few years further development have been made and a new breed of battery has emerged and been successfully used in other RC sailing classes.  The LiFE battery, short for Lithium Iron Phosphate is a good candidate to have a discussion about allowing as a power source for a battery.  You can read extensively about it on wikipedia.  

From a CR914 Perspective:
  • The battery offers a longer running time than a alkaline or NiMH
  • Smaller footprint than a 5 cell NiMH
  • Weighs less than many AA based battery chemistries
  • Longer life than NiMH
  • Does not catch fire / explode when immersed in salt water
  • Cost (battery isn't bad ~$10-15, but it requires a  micro-controller  based charger~$50-100)
  • It has a rapid death when depleted (goes from go to no go in just a few seconds)

Steering Wheels: Class Rule 4.6
The steering wheels on the CR914 are either LOVED or HATED.  Totally non functional, but aesthetically pleasing.  A hinderance to a racer but we all have to deal with them.  We are discussing eliminating them as requirement.  

What are your thoughts?  Go to our Facebook page and discuss the issues.

2016 CR914 National Championship Regatta
Lets Race!
The 2016 Nationals hosted by Chesapeake Bay Model Racing Association are finalizing plans for the weekend of September 17th and 18th at Worthington pond on Maryland's Eastern shore about 30 minuted from downtown Annapolis. The pond is on private property and a near ideal sailing location  offering a dry launch and retrevial. We will have an event Friday evening at Chesapeake Performance Models and dinner in town on Saturday night. Once we have the details finalized we will publish the NOR and begin accepting on-line entries for the Regatta. We expect this to be a well attended Nationals with many of the locals coming out to participate. There will not be a cap on the number of entries and will sail with a promotion relegation system all weekend. For information or questions please contact Ernest Freeland @

2016 Regional Races?
So far we have received ZERO announcements on 2016 Regional Races.  So I am CALLING YOU OUT!

Region 1, usually a one day event in June in Marblehead.
Region 2, is CBMRA or Larchmont?  
Region 3, chirp chirp chirp... will the South rise again?
Region 4, the Iowa guys could host!  IOWA LET'S DO IT!
Region 5, author is ashamed that his plans are still in his head.
Region 6,  San Diego?  Land of Milk and Honey!
Region 7, Ft. Lauderdale? Gator got your tongue?

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IV @ 2014 NCR with his CR914 "Irr"