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Upcoming Events
Healing Through Dance
August 25th 6:30-8:30 

Join Cancer Rehab Austin and Barbara Jo Stetzelberger, LCSW, BC-DTR, for our free special event - Healing Through Dance  at Heloise Gold's Tai Chi Studio. Please come as you are; no dance experience is necessary. The movement will be simple and self-directed. Dance provides a media to respond to any emotion, and allows for the synchrony of the mind and body. We encourage you to bring friends and family.  

Join CRA's Team for Race for the Cure:
September 25th

Lets get a fun group together to walk in the Race for the Cure this year! If you cannot make the event a donation would be amazing. Go to the link below to join our team or make a donation. Anyone and everyone is welcome. Go to the following site and find us under Team Cancer Rehab Austin. 

Join us or Donate Here
Neuropathy: A Multidisciplinary Approach
Educational Seminar
September 28th 6:00-7:30 

Want to learn more about nueropathy (nerve pain, tingling and/or numbness)?

In this seminar our Cancer Rehab Austin team will take this challenging issue and share information from a multidisciplinary perspective. The topic of neuropathy will be discussed from the expertise of physical therapy, acupuncture and massage therapy.

Topics to include:

What is neuropathy?

How does it impact my body and quality of life?

What are some management strategies?

How can I promote nerve healing?  

What Cancer Patients Need to Know About Prehab:
What is prehabilitation?
  • Prehab is physical therapy prior to cancer treatment at the time of a cancer diagnosis. 

  • This includes a screening by an oncology rehab therapist to assess what your baseline is prior to cancer treatment.

  • Assessment usually includes strength, range of motion, general mobility, posture, and measurements of any area of the body that may end up being at risk for lymphedema.

  • Along with an assessment, individuals are educated on their lymphatic system, lymphedema risk factors and gentle exercises to perform before, during and after treatment to improve outcomes and reduce the side effects of cancer treatment.

Why is prehab important? (What the research says)

  • Early intervention through prehab has been reported to improve patient outcomes. 
    (Silver JK, 2013)

  • Early rehab (with a specialized PT) in those undergoing a mastectomy provides improved shoulder mobility and functional capacity. (Cinar et. al. 2008)

  • The sooner lymphedema is diagnosed the better managed and far less likely it is to progress. Baseline measurements and follow-up measurements are critical to early diagnosis. (Lacomba,2010)

  • Assessment of individuals undergoing cancer treatment is recommended due to the prevalence of impairments in strength and range of motion, issues with fatigue, pain and lymphedema. (Alappattu, 2015)    

Are you about to start or are in the middle of cancer treatment and need an oncology rehab specialist? Talk to your cancer care team. If they feel rehab is right, for you call or email CRA to schedule an appointment with Dr. Angela Wicker-Ramos PT, DPT, CLT-LANA.

What Are We Up To?
  • Want up to date research and information from the National Lymphedema Network Conference 2016? Make sure you are following our lymphedema therapist Angela Wicker-Ramos on Facebook as she will be there and keeping you all informed during the event. Follow her via Facebook here.

  • Join our Yoga instructor Kimberly Wharton on Saturday, August 27 with Lisa Feder at a Yoga Yoga event for a full day of relaxation and stress reduction, and develop a new plan to support real change in the way you deal with stress.
    Click here for more info.
  • Angela our owner and physical therapist wrote a continuing education course for physical therapists on Oncology Rehabilitation that is now available on PTWebucation. PTWebucationCourse

Did You Know We Offer?
You may have heard or seen 'cupping' at the Rio Olympics.  Cupping Therapy is used by a licensed and trained acupuncturist to treat a variety of conditions.  Our acupuncturist Agnes incorporates it mostly during rehab for pain, decreased range of motion, scar tissue buildup, and to increase blood cell production by stimulating bone marrow.  Additionally, cupping helps to loosen tight and stiff muscles especially in the back and neck.  Schedule a free phone consult to see how cupping therapy can help you.
Call Agnes at   (512) 731-2462.
Community Organization Spotlight
Heal in Comfort 

Founded in 2010 by breast cancer survivor Cherie B. Mathews, Heal in Comfort's mission is to help women heal in comfort and dignity after surgery in their battle against breast cancer. This is a formidable mission the company takes quite seriously, as inspired by Cherie’s own post-operative experience.

Standard post-operative instructions call for “loose-fitting clothing”, which had no accommodations for her drain tubes and limited arm movement.  Her situation made her angry — “I didn’t have the right equipment to go home in, if a sprained elbow gets a sling to heal in why isn’t there helpful equipment to heal in after a mastectomy?”  And shopping was clearly not an option!  But her frustration inspired her to design the healincomfort® shirt which did help her recovery by including hook and loop fasteners for easy dressing; super soft, moisture management material to keep her dry and comfortable; and internal pockets to help with drains.


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