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With the departure of Coach Chris Schenck, CRA Masters welcomes a new Head Coach. After almost 9 years of assistant coaching for the program, Coach Scott McInerney has developed strong relationships with countless swimmers on the team, earning their trust and learning the nuances of each member's stroke, young and old; it was only fitting for him to assume the role of Head Coach. Scott has been a staple of the program, coaching at as many meets as possible and building a welcoming, friendly swim community. Please join us in congratulating Coach Scott!

In addition to changes on our coaching roster, renovation of Blodgett Pool, including updates to the lighting as well as locker rooms will commence mid-May and continue through the end of June. Although this will cause some temporary strain with limited practice/pool availability, the Masters team will be benefiting from the facility updates.
As a reminder, CRA will be closed for lessons on May 25 through May 27.
Happy Memorial Day!
Coach Ben shares his swimming story.

Q : How old are you?
A : I'm 26.

Q : Where did you grow up?
A : I grew up in Belmont, Massachusetts.

Q : When did you start learning how to swim?
A : I started learning how to swim when I was about 3 years old.

Q : When did you start swimming competitively?
A : I started swimming competitively at age 10.

Q : What is your favorite part about swimming/teaching/coaching?
A : Some of my favorite things about coaching are seeing improvement from swimmers every day and every week. I also just like seeing the happiness on their faces and having a great time in the water.

Q : What advice can you give to swimmers who wish to improve?
A : Probably my best advice would just be patience; swimming is a pretty difficult sport, but with persistent practice you're guaranteed to make improvements to your technique and times.

Q : Which sea creature could you beat in a race?
A : I would love to race a manatee because they seem very slow.

Q : If you could swim anywhere in the world, where would you swim?
A : I would love to swim in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia--it would be really cool to see all the different marine life out there!

Perfecting the breaststroke pullout.

Sometimes little things can make a big difference, and doing good breaststroke pullouts is one thing that can make or break a breaststroke race. Perfecting the breaststroke pullout is a powerful way a swimmer can maximize momentum, minimize resistance, and get an extra edge in a close race.
There are four distinct parts of a breaststroke start or turn: 1) The dive or push off; 2) The glide; 3) The pull-down; and 4) The recovery. The dive or push off should be explosively powerful and streamline, and it’s important to keep the momentum going with a properly timed glide. My coach used to always tell me to count “one alligator, two alligator, three alligator” during my glide to ensure I wasn’t starting my pullout too soon.
The latest breaststroke pullout rules state that at any time prior to the first breaststroke kick after the start and after each turn, a single butterfly kick is permitted. Out of the four parts of a breaststroke start or turn, the ideal place to do the dolphin kick to maximize return is at the end of the glide, just before the pull-down, although many swimmers prefer to do the kick during the pull-down or at the end of the pull-down. Sports researchers have found out that initiating a dolphin kick after the pull-down doesn’t generate much power and may actually hinder a swimmer’s speed. Doing the dolphin kick and pull-down simultaneously gives a better advantage than doing the kick after the pull-down, but swimmers get the best impact maintaining speed by doing the single dolphin kick at the end of the glide just before the pull-down.
At the end of the pull-down, make sure your arms are tight against your body and continue to hold that position for two or three "alligators." Then explode forward with a powerful whip kick as you bring your arms close to your chest, under your body, and back to in front of your body, setting yourself up for your first stroke on the surface. As you prepare for your first full stroke cycle, make sure your hands are back in a streamline and that your body is “hitting the line” in a hydrodynamic streamline position.
Breaststroke is all about timing, and this applies to pullouts too. There are only a few movements during the breaststroke pullout, and done correctly they can generate a lot of power and speed while minimizing drag. This can help a swimmer hold onto speed generated off a wall or starting block and carry that speed throughout the breakout and into the first stroke. Breaststroke is the most difficult stroke in which to generate momentum, so the faster you start, the better position you’ll be in at the end of your race!
May Dive Clinic

Sunday, May 19 @ B&G

CRA Dive Clinics are for CRA students in Level 3 - 7 plus Dragon Swim Team members.

Program is structured to the swimmers level:
  • Level 3: Streamline kneeling dive with hands-first entry.
  • Level 4: Streamline standing dive with spring and continuous kicking in the water.
  • Level 5-7: Racing dive off block.

5 Condensed sessions of amazing swim lessons.
Each session has 8 lessons; Monday through Thursday, over a two week span.

Consistency = Results

Pick and choose from a variety of dates June-August.


Ages 4-11 | Sign up now for our outstanding CRA Summer Camp. Swimmers enjoy two full hours of instructional swimming each day in the CRA technical, competitive-based method along with fun daily free swim and themed activities and crafts.

Ages 3-5 | Little Dragons Swim Program is perfect for swimmers not quite ready for camp. With two swim lessons each day taught in the CRA technical, competitive-based method, your swimmer is sure to progress!
Other fun includes daily free swim, activities and crafts.


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