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President's Message
There may be less than two weeks left in 2019, but the CRA team is busier than ever preparing for the start of the second year of the 2019-2020 legislative session. This year was jam-packed with legislative and regulatory work and 2020 is expected to be even more hectic with the primary and general elections in addition to a series of special elections.

Since joining CRA as President and Chief Executive Officer at the start of 2019, we have made significant progress streamlining member communications, building the retail brand in California (including the launch of our new logo and website earlier this year) and working with state legislators to win significant amendments to legislation that could negatively impact retailers both large and small who do business in California.

CRA Member Highlights
Investing in the California Retailers Association benefits members in many ways. Specifically, membership in CRA adds to the overall policy influence the association has at the state and local level. We help tell the "retail story" to consumers and policymakers about the important contributions retail makes to California’s economy and workforce. Recently, we highlighted two CRA members' partnerships with local law enforcement to make this year's holiday season a brighter one for at-risk youth.

Join CRA and share your company's positive outreach programs and contributions to the overall retail industry in California. Join the growing community of retailers working to protect California's consumers, jobs and the economy. 
CRA Advocacy
CRA's advocacy program focuses on promoting, preserving and enhancing California's retail industry. Our expert advocacy team allows CRA to effectively influence public policy at the State Capitol and in major cities across California. CRA represents member’s interests by navigating the complex federal, state and local regulatory processes. Below are the latest activities CRA has been engaged in. Read more about our advocacy program here . 

Packaging Legislation
CRA is currently working to address concerns on a pair of sweeping bills affecting product packaging. These bills could significantly impact all businesses in California. Our team is communicating with the Governor's Office, the author’s offices, CalRecycle and collaborating with the business community before these bills quickly move forward in early 2020. CRA, through our packaging committee, is developing CRA's strategy to work with the Governor on what is a priority issue for his administration.

Regulatory Updates
  • California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA): CRA submitted a letter to the Attorney General ahead of the State Department of Justice's public hearings. The letter provides suggestions to improve the proposed regulations so consumers have more transparency and control over their personal information. CRA asked for consideration of the impacts on the retail industry as retailers face a spectrum of compliance issues not contemplated in the “one-size-fits-all” proposed Regulations. 
  • Predictive Scheduling: CRA sent a letter to the Los Angeles City Council requesting amendments to the “Fair Work Week” proposal. The amendments are intended to preserve necessary flexibility for retailers and employees.  
  • General Service Lamps: CRA is monitoring the California Energy Commission's upcoming enforcement of state-only rules that supersede the Trump Administration's repeal of a certain regulation that would have prohibited the sale of incandescent light bulbs. The situation has created uncertainty for several retailers who purchased incandescents for 2020 sale in the belief that the federal rules would pre-empt state action. 
  • Transport Refrigeration Units (TRU): CRA is collaborating with the California Grocers Association to request the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to pursue the most cost-effective options for emissions reductions while maintaining availability and accessibility for consumers to fresh and healthy food options. 
  • Advanced Clean Trucks Regulation (ACT) Reporting: CRA is working with a coalition of business groups to request CARB slow down the regulatory process giving 11,000 affected businesses adequate time for notice and evaluation of new proposed reporting requirements and provide further clarity for compliance purposes.  
  • Website Accessibility Lawsuits: CRA joined a coalition led by the Civil Justice Association of California (CJAC) to request clear regulatory standards from the Department of Justice on what constitutes website accessibility under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 
  • Prop. 65 Warning Addition to Acetaminophen: CRA recently joined a coalition of healthcare and business groups in opposing this listing by the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment's (OEHHA). 

The CRA team works with members to craft responses to proposed regulations and compliance mandates including messaging and strategy. Letters submitted to regulatory agencies are available on CRA's online member portal so members can easily access them anytime. 

2020 Election Cycle
With the 2020 election cycle just around the corner, along with several special elections to fill recently vacated seats, the CRA team has been tracking state Legislative and Congressional races and ballot initiatives. We have been busy meeting with and following key races and initiative campaigns, the outcome of which could have implications for California's retail industry for years to come. 

CRA amplifies our members' voice in the political process through the CalRETAILERS Political Action Committee (PAC). Next year, CRA will host exclusive CRA sponsored events for key elected officials and candidates running in 2020. Any CRA member who contributes and is a member of the CalRETAILERS PAC can attend. 

Strategic Policy Conference
CRA's President & CEO Rachel Michelin and Steve McCarthy, Vice President of Government and Regulatory Affairs attended a Strategic Issues Conference in Napa hosted by California's major industry groups including CRA. Rachel lead the panel focused on CCPA and the next steps for privacy in California. 
CRA Education
Cal RETAILERS Foundation

In 2020, CRA will launch the Cal RETAIL Foundation, a 501(c)(3). CalRETAILERS Foundation will host educational events for the public, regulators, public officials and staff to “tell the retail story”. As the philanthropic arm of the California Retailers Association, the CalRETAIL Foundation focus is to recognize the impact retail business has on local economies, the jobs retail creates and celebrate local retail champions across California. The foundation will provide public policy influencers with tools necessary to make informed decisions on regulations that impact retail. CRA will host forums and discussions on priority issues facing retailers, provide CRA members the opportunity to interact with policy makers and promote retail friendly initiatives in California.
CRA members have the opportunity to serve in leadership roles within the Foundation and help ensure the positive retail story is shared and heard! 
CRA Holiday Open House
CRA enjoyed a relaxing and festive evening with members and friends in the new office yesterday. Thank you to all who came by and enjoyed food, libations and good company! It was a nice break before we head into a busy start to the 2020 legislative session.
Rachel Michelin