Representing Industry Leading Companies That Build for
Today and Future Generations
The Crane Rental Association of Ontario (CRAO) has a clear primary mandate. It manages the interests of our member companies through representation in the Employer Bargaining Agency designated to negotiate the Provincial Collective Agreement with Local 793 of the International Union of Operating Engineers.
CRAO consists of member corporations, which are industry leaders in the business of renting mobile cranes, concrete pumps, and other heavy equipment. These members employ the services of operating engineers to facilitate their operations. Members also include associate member corporations which provide services to the contractors member companies.
In short, CRAO members build and sustain communities through physical structure and secure skilled employees. 
2020: Responding in Unprecedented Times
When the pandemic dominated the headlines, CRAO remained laser focused on our objectives. 
The objectives of the association include:
  • Assist in the development and continuous improvement of standard industry practices for the benefit and safety of our member companies, their employees and business partners.
  • Represent its members' interests in advisory committees to various regulatory bodies such as the Ministries of Labour, Transport, Education and Training, Finance; Canadian Standards, WSIB and Construction Safety Associations.
  • Achieve awareness within the construction industry and the public of the expertise and qualifications of its member companies which specialize in the operation of mobile cranes, concrete pumps, heavy equipment and rigging.
  • General advancement of professionalism, business acumen, ethics, stability, and safety in our industry.
CRAO members already know that the previous Liberal government introduced legislative amendments that had a negative financial impact on our businesses. These amendments altered prescribed vehicles, features and equipment that were historically included in the road-building machine [RBM] classification and re-identified the classes of vehicles that are not RBMs. In essence, Bill 173 reclassified RBMs as commercial motor vehicles [CMVs]. 
Throughout 2020 the association worked diligently with the Conservative Government and the Ministry of Transportation to ensure that any implemented legislation would support, and not hinder, our industry and members.
This legislation has been a key priority for the association’s President Jason Hanna along with the Board of Directors. Consistent lobbying of the Conservative Government combined with weekly meetings with the Ministry of Transportation have made the association’s position crystal clear. 
As of January 1st, 2021, all truck mounted cranes and concrete pumps were to have the annual sticker applied to them (the same stickers as a Commercial Motor Vehicles), however, through continuous meetings and diligent pressure with the MTO, CRAO proved that they were asking for something that could not be done by the deadline. CRAO was able to extend the deadline to July 1, 2021. 
As of July 1, 2021, all mobile cranes, concrete pumps, and all terrain cranes will be required to have a yellow certification sticker applied to the vehicle. The association is still diligently working with lawyers and lobbyists to still prove to MTO that what they are asking of our industry is next to impossible to achieve and not required. The cost impact to each company will be huge year after year for a vehicle that averages 20,000 kms annually.
2020 was a busy year for the association as it supported several member companies with their grievances at the Labour Board as these issues could potentially affect the entire industry. 

Continuing to operate an essential business during COVID-19 has created many significant challenges. Legislation and regulations change regularly and often with very little notice. To assist our members in navigating through these difficult issues, CRAO has also retained legal counsel for its members which provides each contractor member with one hour per month of complimentary legal advice. Members can reach out to Jonathan Maier at jonathan-maier@hicksmorley.com.

Members also have the benefit of one hour per month consultation with Robert Barsalou, the association’s consultant, who has been instrumental with the MTO negotiations. He is extremely knowledgeable regarding licensing, inspection requirements and regulatory matters. He can be reached at rrbarsalou@gmail.com.
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the association was unable to host its annual Christmas Dinner in 2020. The event typically provided the necessary proceeds to support our annual donation to Toy Mountain, however, this did not stop the association from giving back to our community. 
The Board of Directors decided to donate directly to this worthy cause and were so proud to support Toy Mountain with a $2,250 donation.
Golf Tournament: We are looking forward to planning our 2021 golf tournament after our 2020 plans were thwarted by COVID-19. Stay tuned.
Save the date!
The AGM will be held virtually on Thursday, March 11, 2021.
Details to follow.