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How do I perfect my Elevator Pitch?
Someone who is entering into a job search or career transition quickly realizes a startling fact: you are now in sales!

After many years accumulating a variety of impressive skills and expertise, you now have to boil this down to a compelling story that answers the first question you are likely to get: “tell me about yourself.” You need to quickly engage networking contacts and potential employers about what you know and can do. This technique is called the “elevator pitch.”

What is an elevator pitch? it is a quick, powerful and concise plain language overview about yourself to intrigue the listener enough to get them to ask for more information. The purpose is to give a first impression which will generate interest and get someone to say, “tell me more.” And your primary goal at first is to get a meeting or an introduction, not a job.

You develop your pitch by answering some questions:
·      Who am I?
·      What do I do?
·      What are my skills and expertise?
·      What needs or problems do I address?
·      How does it benefit someone?
·      How I am different from everyone else?

Here’s a sample pitch:   
Hello, I’m ______. I am a senior level (professional, manager, executive, etc.) with over xx years of experience in (expertise, professional area, etc.) delivering value to the companies I have worked with. I have worked in/across the (industry/ies). My key accomplishments include…

It is important to note that the pitch covers only three discrete pieces of information. This leverages what is called the “Power of Threes,” a principle long used by sales and marketing professionals successfully with prospects and clients.

After you have created and mastered your pitch, you are in a much better position to engage the person you are meeting with in conversation that will bear fruit.
Just remember three things (1)  put yourself in the networking  contact's  and potential  employer's  (who are now your prospects) shoes,  (2)  make the conversation as much as possible about them – information they have, their issues and needs  (3)  listen.   
- Don Nemerov, Managing Partner, CRC Advisor
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