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As a recent grad without a job, what's my next move?
The banner hangs in the family home and reads, “Congratulations!” or “You Did It!”. But after the (virtual) ceremony, photos and celebration are over, many recent grads will find that it’s time to get to work finding work.

In the ‘good old days’ (prior to March 2020) unemployment was at record low levels. It was, in many ways, a candidates’ market as employers fought for workers. Unfortunately, the pandemic changed everything and those days are over – at least for the foreseeable future.

Even if isn’t this isn’t the ideal time for a recent grad (or most anyone for that matter) to be entering the workforce here are some tactics to jump-start your search – and land a job!

Finding a Job is a Job:
I won’t sugarcoat it; finding a job is a job. Simply responding to posts on popular sites like Indeed, CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, etc. and then waiting for a response isn’t enough. You need a proactive, disciplined approach that breaks down the key tasks (job site searches, researching prospective companies, emailing, phone calls, etc.) into segments. Calendar the activities into dedicated time blocks and focus on those tasks during each block. Establish realistic goals for each task and don’t stop until you’ve reached your daily target. Also, don’t forget to celebrate your daily successes - with something that’s good for you like exercise.

Network, Network, Network:
The mantra in real estate is, “location, location, location”. In a job search, it’s “network, network, network” as personal connections are the best means to gain entry into organizations. Use social media platforms like LinkedIn to identify second and third degree connections who work for companies that you’re interested in and request an introduction through your connection (or connection’s connection). Be respectful but don’t be shy when requesting an introduction. And, ALWAYS send a thank you note if they assist in making an introduction.

One Job Leads to Another:
When it comes to hiring, employers have a natural bias towards individuals who are already employed or engaged in current activities. So, think about the variety of work that you can perform while conducting your search including internships and volunteer positions. Work of virtually any nature has multiple benefits including income, focusing your time and energies, staying mentally sharp and the possibility of connections you’re likely to meet. There are countless stories of people finding terrific jobs while driving for Uber or volunteering at a local non-profit.

Frame of Mind/Smiling:
Most people are drawn to individuals who are upbeat and energetic. So, even if you just made ten calls and got nothing more than voicemail, take a deep breath, smile and then dial again. Research by Discovery states, “Smiling affects how we speak, to the point that listeners can actually identify the type of smile based on the sound alone…” To see yourself smiling, place a small mirror where you make your calls from and then, “smile-and-dial”. (Note: Smiling also positively impacts your outcome in life.)

Below are links that I think you’ll find useful.

Now, go out there and get ‘em!

- Dave Kahl, S ales Effectiveness Consultant,  CRC Board Member

-Ron Gutman - Ted Talk
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