Do I Really Need The Help Of A Job Search Coach To Find A Job?
If you think you know everything about today’s job search, can objectively evaluate your own resume and LinkedIn and know how to best answer interview questions, then no, you do not need one. 

However, if you’re honest with yourself and like 99% of job seekers, you know that today’s job search is more complex, job search isn’t your area of expertise and that it’s been a few (or even more) years since your last job search, then the right answer is Yes!

By viewing the cost (only $250/year at Career Resource Center) as an investment in yourself and realizing that working with outside experts may help you avoid mistakes in your search, shorten the time it takes to land a position, help you negotiate a higher salary and/or help you make sure the job is a good next step in your career path. If making this “investment” helped you land a job sooner or negotiate a salary higher than what was originally offered, wouldn’t that be a good return on your investment?

Access to webinars on subjects like “Applicant Tracking Systems”, “Staying Positive during your Search”, LinkedIn, Resumes, and “What Recruiters Look For”, will provide valuable insights to help you with your search.
Being able to meet one-on -one with both a Job Search Coach who is assigned to help you with your specific situation as well as Specialists who are subject matter experts in areas like LinkedIn, Interview Preparation, how to effectively use job search databases, etc. will also be beneficial.

While many of the tangible benefits of an organization like Career Resource Center are listed above, there are many intangible benefits including the support and camaraderie of others also dealing with the ups and downs of a job search, frustration of a job loss or the struggle of looking for a new job. A coach can help you see your skills and expertise through another set of eyes and help you articulate these to a future employer in your resume, cover letters, interviews, job offer negotiations, and help you regain that confidence you may be lacking.

Job search is tough, don't go at it alone. Career Resource Center can be your partner through the process.

- Mary Beth Barrett-Newman, Career Coach & CRC Board Member
Virtual Appointments with Advisors & Specialists are now available for Members. To schedule an appointment or to learn about membership, contact Kelly Clark.