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LinkedIn - Steps Beyond the Profile
How Do I Make My Networking Interactions Successful?
Tips and Strategies from a Pro
I discovered that networking is the art of leveraging my time, talents and the treasures of others to create “win-win” situations. Along the way, I’ve learned that most people are MORE than willing to help you with something that is within their expertise or control. 

Used in combination, the process of networking helps people conduct effective and efficient discussions that can satisfy both personal and professional needs.  My foundation for modern networking includes “what you bring to the table and how you support others.” The key is sharing and collaboration. My personal experience has taught me that gifting others through networking provided me not only referrals, but also a team of business professionals that I can call on. The question to ask yourself is “How do I translate my value in a meaningful way to those that can use it?” Here are a couple examples. 

Recently a client landed a director job after a 12-month search. She had participated in six interviews with different executives during the interview process. Prior to each interview, she strategically wrote a targeted LinkedIn post related to the interviewer’s role or area of expertise. After the interview, as part of her thank you email, she included the link to that particular post referring to it. “….. Here’s a link to my recent post with additional information of the XYZ subject we discussed today.” The targeted information was well received. She told me that she knew this job was “the one” and pulled out all stops to be the candidate of choice and it worked. 

Another client reached out to me after he landed his position as an Engineering Technician. “I have landed a new position, and it was done through connecting with former co-workers on LinkedIn. One specific individual and I had worked together for close to six years a number of years ago. His group was looking for another technician and as it turns out, he was also the hiring manager. In just one week I had three interviews and received an offer.” 

Whether you need to build, grow, or expand your network, you need a roadmap. Wherever you are in the network process, ask yourself these three questions:
1) What are my career/networking objectives?
2) What relationships do I have that can strengthen my career objectives?
3) What new networking connections and relationships are needed to accomplish my career objectives?

We as humans are social creatures and we need each other. Networking is serious business that can bring about amazing communication and shared knowledge.  

- Dr. Marilyn A. Clark, Executive Leadership Career Coach, CRC Program Committee, CRC Board Member

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