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How Do I Prepare When My Interviewer Is Young Enough to Be My Child?!?
OMG – A Kid is Going to Interview Me!

You are so excited. After weeks of trying to get interviewed by a certain company you are finally scheduled and you have the name of the person doing the interview.

When you Google the interviewer, who is also the group manager, you realize she/he is at least 20 years younger than you. This person could be your son or daughter. Now what? Will this manager take one look at me and decide I am too old to be part of his/her team?

There are things you can do to successfully prepare for an interview with a younger manager.

  • Highlight current experience, not what you did 20 years ago.
  • Use examples of how you learn from others and are coachable. Let the interviewer know you favor a team first approach and are open minded.
  • Keep answers on track for the position for which you are applying. Find common ground.
  • Prepare examples of your adaptability to change and new conditions. Show flexibility and innovation.
  • Show you are tech savvy using appropriate language and terminology that is consistent and applicable to the role for which you are applying.
  • Sell your experience as a strength.
  • Do not comment on the age of interviewer or refer to experiences or situations with terms like “back in the day”; try not to reference generational differences in any way.

Prepare for your interview with the above in mind and you will compete well with others interviewing for the same job.

- Carol Letofsky, CRC Advisor
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