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Enhance Your LinkedIn Headline! Here’s How!

As a LinkedIn user looking for your next job opportunity, do you know the most overlooked but critically important part of your profile?  It’s your headline. This 220-character section is key to increasing your visibility, gaining attention from recruiters, and generating more job opportunities.

Does your current headline simply state your job title and current or former company? If so, you’re not alone. By default, LinkedIn inserts your job title and employer. Many people don’t realize than they can edit their headline. Optimizing your headline increases your chances of showing up in more searches. More searches mean more views and more opportunities.

Optimizing Your Headline: Elizabeth White’s Success Story

Situation: Elizabeth was a sales manager for a major hotel chain. She lost her job last summer since companies were not booking large scale in-person meetings. She has a solid resume and has been networking and applying for jobs online. However, her LinkedIn profile has generated few views and even fewer contacts from internal and external recruiters. Her CRC advisor and her LinkedIn tutor advised her to start by revising her existing headline.
Action: Her CRC advisor and LinkedIn tutor told Elizabeth be aware of the following:

1.      Recruiters using LinkedIn search on keywords. While “sales manager” may be a key word, “seeking a new opportunity” would not be included in a key word search.
2.      They recommended she include additional keywords. To help her, they advised her to search job postings for related terms. After searching over 20 job postings, she identified possible terms: Business Development; B2B Sales, Hotel and Resort Sales, Hospitality Sales Consultant.
3.      Next, since she wished to stay in the industry, they proposed she use the keyword “Hospitality” as this would be a bit broader than simply “Hotels”.
4.      Finally, they emphasized the need to “showcase” her point of difference. What sets her apart? What is it that she brings to an organization? What is Elizabeth’ value proposition?

Result: Here is Elizabeth’s new headline filled with keywords, industry, and her value statement designed to get her audience’s attention. After 2 weeks, she had been contacted by recruiters from three companies who value her skills.
So, if your current headline lacks sufficient keywords, doesn’t mention your industry, or doesn’t have a value proposition that sets you apart, it’s time to make some changes. Go to your LinkedIn profile and Edit your headline. Need help? Check out CRC’s job search services today!

- Brent White, CRC Board Member and Advisor
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