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Where Is The Job Market Headed 8 Months Into The Pandemic?
It’s clear that some industry sectors are in growth mode, while many others are severely diminished due to Covid. If you want to be successful in your job search and career development – follow the signs to where the hiring is happening.

Every industry sector is undergoing drastic changes. Businesses that have suffered the most are those dependent on direct social interactions and crowd-gathering…sporting events, theaters, traditional retail, travel, the resort industry, and restaurants. Other industries are suffering just because people have discovered new ways of working and living – for example, real estate management is on its heels now that corporations have learned they don’t need to maintain and pay for expensive office space. It’s not just a factor of industry sector – it’s also a factor of size. For example, small retailers are even more at risk than large retailers.

While certain executive jobs have been retained, jobs at mid and lower levels have disappeared. So unless you are seeking employment in the top tier of these types of companies, it’s time to reconsider your path and pivot to areas where growth is occurring. Use the skills and experiences you developed in your fading industry sector and target your job search toward businesses in growth areas.

And there are many areas where growth is occurring. Supply chain and distribution companies are busier than ever as consumers continue to buy – but in new ways. Technology communication firms are on the rise as people explore new ways to tele-work and interact (I was certainly unaware of Zoom before the pandemic – weren’t you?).

Pharmaceutical and health care are booming – albeit not for the best reasons. So are businesses that support home improvement and “nesting” as we all discover new ways to make life in quarantine more pleasant.

There is going to be a huge demand for teachers and educators as tens of thousands of experienced professionals retire or call it quits after trying to work in very new and challenging environments. In general, front-line workers of all sorts are going to be in demand.

So keep it in mind as you search – give the big picture some thought and then direct your efforts towards the industries and types of companies that are growing and where you can find your fit.

- John Strauss, CRC Board Member
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