Why Don’t You Give Yourself Some Love During Your Job Search?
Let’s face it - searching for a job is emotionally draining. Just like fuel tanks, our emotional reserves get depleted too. The best way to build up these emotional reserves is to give yourself some love during your job search.

Not only is love in keeping with the theme of Valentine’s Day, it’s opportune timing with respect to fiscal calendars. January and February are the two best months of the year to apply for a job because most companies start operating with their new Q1 budgets. This is when hiring managers have the most flexibility to ‘show some love’ to qualified candidates. 

So, stop debating about whether or not you should apply, and tap into your inner confidence and self-worth. Take deliberate steps to get yourself in a good place to submit applications by the end of February by following a few simple tricks:

  • Look for positions for which you have 75% of the requirements - chances are you actually exceed the profile the company is seeking.
  • Submit your applications Monday through Thursday mornings (preferably before 10 AM) so the hiring manager sees them early in the day. 
  • Show love to yourself by not comparing yourself to others. When you accept that your journey is unique, you’ll be less likely to feel deflated with respect to other job seekers. 
Be charitable to yourself by keeping positive: challenge your negative script by reframing obstacles in a positive light. Reflect on all you have accomplished during your job search. Did you dust off your resume? Did you set up your LinkedIn profile? Did you make a new contact?  

Comfort yourself by finding balance: do not abandon your normal routine. Block out just a few hours of the day when you are most motivated, and reserve that time for your job search. Commit the rest of the day to other things that promote your well-being: tidying up, errands, physical activity, socializing, parenting, appointments, etc. Be mindful to combat burnout when you’re feeling deprived and take care of your needs.

Seek out simple pleasures: this can be sipping on coffee, taking a walk, or having a pleasant conversation with a friend or loved one. 
And finally, reward yourself when you can: maybe take a trip, cook a gourmet meal, adventure out on a long hike, visit your friends and family, or go camping. Companies want to hire real people, not robots! They want a team member that has as good of a rest ethic as their work ethic.

- Gail Spiel, MSW, Social Worker, CRC Accountability Group Facilitator
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