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What should I be doing now?
To say that these are trying times is an understatement. All of us are in the process of adjusting to our “new normal”. Whether you are at the beginning of a job search, in the middle, or hoping to get an offer soon, the COVID-19 virus has upended the normal way of doing business. 

In Illinois we are in week 3 of the “Stay at Home” order, even though some may have started prior to the March 21 st mandate. Although many of our typical activities have been significantly curtailed, all the things you’ve been doing as part of your job search can and should continue, albeit in a slightly (or significantly) altered form.

In-person activities like meeting for coffee or having an in-person interview can still continue, but use technology like FaceTime, Zoom or Google Hangouts to make them happen.

Connecting with people is even easier than before as we are all longing to have more human interaction. So, text, email or call that friend or former colleague to see how they are doing. People are flattered when they know others are thinking of them. You can “plant seeds” about your job search or ask them for some advice. Just remember to make it reciprocal.

Use this time to make those updates to your resume or LinkedIn profile. No excuses…you’re just sitting at home anyway!

Below are a couple of articles that might provide you some ideas and motivation to keep your job search going! 

- Mary Beth Barrett-Newman, Career Coach, CRC Board Member and Advisor
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We are sorry that we cannot meet you face-to-face.

These are unprecedented times. CRC wants you to know that as soon as the stay-at-home order is lifted and it is safe for businesses to reopen, CRC looks forward to helping job seekers in its Lake Forest office.
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