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How Can I Get Noticed By Employers On LinkedIn?
Music concerts, group fitness classes, and trade shows have gone virtual- interviewing has too! Now is the perfect time to log into LinkedIn and do some housekeeping.

A lot of companies have utilized LinkedIn as their main platform to source their talent. What does this mean for you?

Take advantage and allow LinkedIn to generate opportunities for you by standing out, being aspirational, and sharing your measurable results.

The best way to be remembered is by sharing your own experiences. What was your dream job as a child? What are three values you hold near and dear to you?

Take the time to craft your “about” section to share your values. Let this story provide insight to your audience to highlight your aspirations and who you are as a person.

Quantifying your experiences helps your audience understand each situation. I would much rather hear that you “Designed and implemented a new training program utilizing Dale Carnegie principles which resulted in an 83% retention increase” than “Oversaw the onboarding process for new hires”.

Action verbs are your friends! Let each bullet point share what you did, how you did it, and what it achieved.

Just because everything is virtual doesn’t mean you should rely on technology. Instead of focusing on all of your keywords, focus on people you would like to connect with to build relationships. The majority of jobs are filled through networking. LinkedIn is the perfect place to build productive and professional relationships.

-Claire Casper, CRC LinkedIn Specialist
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