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What's the Key to Managing
Your Job Hunting Time?
John stared into the monitor feeling stressed, frustrated and less confident each day. He simply was not making the progress he had hoped for since losing his job several months ago. He was struggling with his resume. His friends had mentioned the need to create a compelling LinkedIn profile. He was spending hours each day searching for jobs online and applying with little success. When he did get a call from a recruiter, he struggled with his answers and never made it to the second interview.

John had heard about CRC from a friend and decided to join. After spending time in sessions with his advisor, he had a much clearer understanding of what needed to be done to create a compelling resume, develop a LinkedIn profile, conduct a targeted online search, leverage to his network, and answer common interview questions.

Like so many others in job search mode, John now knew what he needed to do. However, there is a world of difference between knowing what needs to get done and getting it done. If you are like John, then effective time management will keep you on-track to finding your next great career adventure.

After meeting with his advisor, John wrote down these 7 Keys to managing his time.

1. Set a schedule each day so that it becomes a habit. Work in 45-minute blocks.

2. Determine my most productive times of day and be sure to build in breaks.

3. Set realistic goals each day and decide at the end of each day what I will do tomorrow.

4. If I am are avoiding a given task, then that is a key indicator of what I should be doing.

5. Do not procrastinate. Write that first word or dial that first digit on my phone to get started.

6. I must avoid distractions during times I have scheduled for the job search.

7. Do not equate being busy with being productive. Applying exclusively online each day is not as productive as allocating some of my day to networking.

John found time management to be challenging. It took effort. Some days were more productive than others, but he began to feel a sense of accomplishment. He realized that if he got off track or was distracted, he could stop, reflect, and make the remainder of the day productive. He realized that it is about doing the next right thing. Strive for progress not perfection.

"Mighty oaks from little acorns grow." -14th century proverb

- Brent White, Job Search Strategist, CRC Board Member and Advisor
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