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Dear Friends:


I am proud to announce that CR Consulting just won a prestigious 2013 Reed Award from Campaigns and Elections Magazine  for creating the Best Mailer in the country for a Republican Congressional Candidate in the 2012 cycle.


The piece was called "Over the Cliff" and helped freshman Congressman Jon Runyan (NJ-3) convincingly defeat his Democratic challenger by 9% in a district that President Obama won 51-47%.


CR Consulting also picked up a key win in the competitive 16th Legislative District Special Election for State Assembly, helping Donna Simon overcome an eight-point win by President Obama in her district to edge Democrat Marie Corfield by 1-point.


Visit our new web site to learn more about the Runyan and Simon campaigns, and check out the other award-winning work we've been doing  to help Republicans win tough races.


Thank you to all of our clients for giving us the opportunity to work with them last year and every year.  We value the trust you put in us. 


I look forward to catching up with you soon, and wish you all the best for a healthy and successful 2013.






Special thanks to the digital strategists at HHR Media Group for their help and guidance navigating campaigns online with CRC and its clients. 


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