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Thursdays with CRCA
Since April 2nd, CRCA has hosted ten webinars for CRCA Members and Friends. Topics included: Air Barrier Basics, COVID-19 Update with Cotney Construction Law, CRCA Safety, Energy Codes & Re-roofing, Workers' Comp & COVID-19, Furloughs vs Layoffs, Residential Energy Codes & Re-roofing, Key Contract Provisions, COVID-19 Safety Update, and Anti-Sexual Harassment Training in both English & Spanish (more information below)

Each webinar covered topics that CRCA Members found helpful in implementing in their businesses both during this current pandemic and during normal business operations.

All CRCA Members can access webinar slides and recordings on CRCA's Members Only Page Page . If you need your company's login information, please email

Don’t miss next week’s “Thursday’s with CRCA” Webinar, as Merrill Lynch's Mike Ribich will be discussing Multiple Employer Plans (MEP).   Registration coming soon.
State of Illinois Anti-Sexual Harassment Training
As of January 1, 2020, employers, who have 1 or more employees are required to train every employee each calendar year. By December 31, 2020, employers must have trained all their employees.

If you are a CRCA Member, you have access to the June 11th English & June 12th Spanish CRCA Webinar presented by SmithAmundsen LLC on the CRCA Members Only Page . Included are both English & Spanish: slides, webinar recordings and a sample certificates of attendance to put in each employee's files.

If you have questions about accessing the CRCA Members Only Page or how to implement the training, please contact

For more information on the State of Illinois' Anti-Sexual Harassment training, please visit their FAQ Page.
CRCA's 2020 Directory & Resource Guide
Local 11 to be Featured on July 10th CISCO & CTA
"Construction Talks" Webinar
“Construction Talks” is a series of collaborative outreaches between the Chicago Transit Authority, CISCO and a local union apprenticeship program. These programs are to ensure that individuals during the pandemic are made aware of training and workforce opportunities in the construction industry. This is an opportune time while social distancing measures are in place, to provide information and insight to individuals looking to pursue opportunities in construction.

On Friday, July 11th, the Roofers' & Waterproofers' Local 11 & JATC will be featured. You wont want to miss it! REGISTER HERE
NEW CRCA Technical Papers
CRCA was the code proponent at the State of Illinois and City of Chicago on two important issues – Technical infeasibility when flashing heights are low on existing buildings & Roof Membrane Peel and Replacement. Both these concepts are discussed in detail in CRCA’s new Technical Papers, which will are posted on’s Resources Page . You can also read them here: Roof Peel , Flashing Height .
CSI Chicago Hosting Roofing Webinar on July 14th
The New Chicago Building Code Roofing-Related Provisions – New Construction Critical Considerations for Commercial Roof System Designers
On Tuesday, July 14, CRCA & CSI Chicago Members Members, Jason Wilen and Thomas Kane from Klein and Hoffman, will address the new Chicago Building and Energy Code provisions relevant to roof system design with an emphasis on what has changed from the old code. Many of these provisions are also relevant for reroofing. They will also examine how a peer review process can enhance code compliance.
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Welcome New CRCA Members
CRCA would like to welcome all of our new members since April 2020!


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