December 2019 / Issue 1
New Regional Parcel Viewer and GIS Portal
CRCOG has been working with CAI Technologies for the last 9 months to develop and deploy a new Regional Parcel Viewer and GIS Portal. This new platform will incorporate automated updates of CAMA property data. CAI has installed data processors in many of our member municipalities to perform the updates. In this way the property data can be kept up to date on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. Many basemap and layer choices are available as well as printing, drawing and measurement tools.

On December 31 st , 2019 our previous site will go dark so please update any links to it on your websites. The new URL is - . This new site is already active and ready to use.

Please direct any questions to Erik Snowden – CRCOG IT/GIS Coordinator at .
Tis the Season...
Winter Preparedness tips for you and your pets
Do the residents in your community know and understand your snow removal policies and procedures?

Making sure you’re providing the right messaging is just as important as getting the message out. The following lists some tips to making sure your communications strategy is effective. 

·          Information is kept up-to-date including contact information within all communication channels. “ Nothing can be more frustrating than calling an incorrect number and either being transferred multiple times only to end up getting voicemail or even worse having the listed number be a private party who repeatedly gets the phone calls.” 
·          Information provided in alternate languages based on your community’s demographics.
·          Disseminate news in a variety of ways. Use various communication channels from the digital to the more traditional to achieve this.  
o   Website
o   Municipal public access channel
o   Local radio station
o   Local commercial/non-profit media such as regional and community newspapers and online news sites
o   Community posting boards
o   Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter or Municipal blogs. 
·          Printed or digital information should be accessible in public buildings such as libraries, senior centers, police and fire stations and community centers. Consider public high schools that have young drivers as well.     
·          Include information related to clearing of sidewalks, driveway cleanup, and on-street parking.
·          Clearly define the Municipalities’ responsibility and the Resident’s responsibilities.
·          Share useful winter safety tips with your community. There are numerous resources and graphics available on the internet that cover a variety of topics from winter tips for pedestrians and pets to fire safety.

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CRCOG Foundation partner Eversource is named
one of America's most Just Companies in 2020
We’re excited to share @EversourceEnergy is featured in the #JUST100 by @Forbes & @justcapital_ in their 2020 Rankings of #AmericasMostJUST Companies. Congratulations! We’re thankful to Eversource for their continued support serving our communities.

To view the News Release in it's entirety, please click here .
Upcoming CRCOG Meetings
December 10, 2019
Municipal Services Committee
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December 16, 2019
Transportation Committee
@ CRCOG Offices, 3rd Floor, 241 Main Street, Hartford, CT 06106 United States
December 18, 2019
Policy Board
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