May 2019 / Issue 2
CRCOG's 46th Annual Meeting
June 4, 2019 @ Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT
12 Noon - 2pm
Date: Tuesday, June 4, 2019
Time: 12:00pm – 2:00pm
Location: Real Art Ways, 56 Arbor Street, Hartford, CT 06106 (Close to Parkville Station – CTfastrak encouraged!!)
Cost: $25.00

There is still time to register!
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as soon as possible if you would like to attend.
CRCOG's New Service Summary Guide!
CRCOG is very pleased to release it's newly created Service Summary Guide, which highlights the many services CRCOG offers to your town! This guide is a great tool for newly elected officials and we encourage utilizaiton of this guide during budget season, especially. A big THANK YOU to Pauline Yoder for creating this wonderful tool! To view the CRCOG Services Summary Guide, please click here .
I-91 Charter Oak Bridge Project
Construction season is in full bloom in the Hartford region with several ongoing and new construction projects popping up on local and state roadways. The largest, State Project No. 0063-0703, has just begun and is located along Interstate 91 is, Relocation of I-91 NB Interchange 29 and Widening of I-91 NB and Route 5/15 NB to I-84 EB in Hartford and East Hartford. 

The ramp from I-91 northbound to the Charter Oak Bridge and Route 15 eastbound experiences persistent congestion and has been routinely included in the American Transportation Research Institute’s top 100 truck bottleneck routes in the country.    To address the issue, this project involves replacement of the existing ramp with a new two-lane ramp travelling from I-91’s east side (left exit) and carrying traffic to the west side of Route 5/15’s approach to the Charter Oak Bridge. New ramp grades will be appropriate for existing and anticipated truck traffic volumes, and the ramp configurations will reduce the need for much of the weaving movements currently occurring on the Charter Oak Bridge. In addition to addressing the ramp’s issues, additional roadwork is proposed along I-91 and along Route 5/15 east of the bridge to further reduce congestion and improve safety. Design and bidding phases were completed in 2018 and construction started April 1, 2019.

CRCOG is actively involved in project meetings and will be advocating for CRCOG member town’s concerns. CRCOG is also involved in the traffic management plan aspects of the project to ensure that first responders’ accessibility and mobility within the work zone areas are addressed and that emergency response is well informed of any closures, lanes restrictions or detours during construction activity.

For information on Project – Go To
Traffic conditions and locations of projects and detours in region - Go To
CRCOG Regional Leadership Awards
In preparation for CRCOG's Annual Meeting on June 4th , we are solicitating nominations for the Regional Leadership Awards, designed to recognize significant examples of exemplary leadership within the region. Please click here for the nomination form.

If you have not signed up for CRCOG's 46th Annual Meeting and would like to attend, please contact Kim Bona at
Upcoming CRCOG Meetings
May 16, 2019
Regional Planning Commission
@ West Hartford Town Hall, 50 South Main Street, West Hartford, CT 06107 United States
May 20, 2019
Transportation Cost Review Sub-Committee Meeting
@ CRCOG Offices, 3rd Floor, 241 Main Street, Hartford, CT 06106 United States
Transportation Committee Meeting
12noon - 1:30pm
@ CRCOG Offices, 3rd Floor, 241 Main Street, Hartford, CT 06106 United States
May 21, 2019
Muncipal Services Committee
@ CRCOG Offices, 3rd Floor, 241 Main Street, Hartford, CT 06106 United States
May 22, 2019
Policy Board
@ CRCOG Offices, 3rd Floor, 241 Main Street, Hartford, CT 06106 United States
CRCOG's 46th Annual Meeting and Luncheon
Tuesday, June 4, 2019
@Real Art Ways, 56 Arbor Street, Hartford, CT 06106
To register, please contact Kim Bona at