November 16  2018
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November 15 2018
This year's survey includes perspectives on best practices in securities lending and collateral management, expectations about revenues and risk, and reactions to changes in securities finance market structure. 

November 14 2018
Thanks to Murex, UnaVista and the 350 people who registered for our webinar on Implementation Strategies for SFTR. 


November 14 2018
The European Parliament and the European Council are in discussions to change the Capital Requirements Directive and Regulation rules, with amendments falling into several categories:  capital and liquidity; risk and credit limits; and loose ends.

After years of writing about securities lending, the popular press still has a tendency to present the business in a negative light, even when something positive is happening. We saw this twice in the last week and are calling it out. And, a new lawsuit has hit town on prime broker collusion in US markets.
November 12 2018
Finadium clients are invited to review our presentation on the Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR) from Rates & Repo 2018. We focused on two potential impacts of SOFR on repo: the P&L impact and the regulatory environment.

November 12 2018
While some efforts are being made by crypto and blockchain vendors to integrate with traditional securities businesses, others are showing that this may become a fully parallel universe with its own rules.

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