Mini InTouch April 2020
Highlights of this Issue
* New Complaints Director * Council Update * Return to Work Update
* CCP instructions for Bill 21 Webinar

Announcing New CRDHA Complaints Director

At the beginning of March of this year, the College posted an advertisement for the CRDHA Complaints Director position due to the impending retirement of Brenda Walker from this position which she has held since November 1, 2018.

In accordance with Part 1 (Governance) of the Health Professions Act (the HPA), CRDHA Council must provide for the appointment of an individual as a complaints director to fulfill statutory obligations related to the professional conduct complaint processes as outlined in Part 4 of the HPA.
CRDHA Council is pleased to announce Judy Clarke’s appointment as Complaints Director effective June 1, 2020. Judy will also maintain her position as CRDHA Deputy Registrar with internal reassignment of some of her administrative duties.
Council Update
The three-year terms for current CRDHA Councillors Nadia Kobagi, Salima Thawer, and Jacqueline VanMalsen end on June 30. Salima and Jacqueline submitted the only two complete nomination forms for the three available positions and they were declared elected by acclamation and no election was held. (CRDHA Bylaw 3.5.4).

Since all the upcoming Council vacancies were not filled, as per CRDHA Bylaw 3.6, Council appointed an additional Regulated General Member to Council in order to meet the full voting membership requirement of 8 Regulated Member Councillors . Beth A. Blair was appointed for a three-year term beginning July 1, 2020.

The CRDHA is excited to welcome Beth onto Council and would like to thank Nadia for her time and commitment to providing strategic guidance and oversight for her profession.
Faculty Recruitment
Dental Hygiene Program
University of Alberta

The Dental Hygiene Program at the University of Alberta is recruiting for a full-time, tenure stream faculty member for a role within the undergraduate and graduate programs.

The position was posted prior to the COVID-19 pandemic; therefore, the date has now shifted to May 30th for reviewing applications.

The posting will remain open until filled. Please see details at the link below.

CRDHA Recruitment
Director of Regulatory Compliance

The Director of Regulatory Compliance provides policy and procedure recommendations, leadership and oversight for the overall operations of regulatory services.

Reporting to the Registrar and CEO, the successful candidate will facilitate the research, planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of initiatives to enhance CRDHA operational effectiveness in the interest of public protection. 
i CRDHA Continuing Competence Program (CCP)
Self-Reflection Document
The CRDHA made a change to the CCP Self-Reflection document so that the form could be filled in and saved by the user. Since it is posted on the CRDHA website, this change resulted in the link being broken in the March Mini InTouch. Here is the revised link.

Return to Work Information
On Thursday, April 23 rd the Government of Saskatchewan and its Chief Medical Health Officer, Dr. Saqib Shahab released their Return to Work Plan, which included a re-opening of medical services on May 4th. We have received many calls to the College inquiring if we know when you will be allowed to return to work. We completely understand how stressful this current situation is and not having a return-to-work date is adding to that anxiety. All the health care professionals in Alberta are waiting patiently to be provided direction from Public Health on when it will be safe to return to work. Public Health is working tirelessly to manage this pandemic, and although there has been a lot of speculation about when it will be safe to return to work, nothing official has been decided yet. Everybody is anxious but it’s still early as we don’t know if we have reached the top of the curve yet.

Please know that the CRDHA is doing everything that we can to work with Alberta Health (the government), AHS, and the other oral health regulators (dentists, dental assistants, denturists and dental technicians) to be involved in these pandemic discussions. We are also working together to prepare guidance on what will be required when you are allowed to return-to-work, including IPC, PPE, and screening based on the most recent research and evidence from around the world. This is a complicated issue, especially for the dental community, and we all want to return to a safe working environment for both the practitioners and the clients.

The CRDHA is committed to informing you, our registrants, of any direction that we receive from the government as quickly as we can.  
How to upload your CE for the mandatory e-Learning Course Protecting Patients from Sexual Abuse and Misconduct
It has come to CRDHA's attention that Registrants are having difficulty submitting for their 2 CCP credits for this mandatory e-Learning course. The course code for submission is CH01h.

Here are basic instructions:
Type = (CH01h) - Bill 21
Activity = Bill 21 - An Act to Protect Patients
Instructor = AFRHP or CRDHA
Credit = 2
Sponsor = CRDHA

CRDHA also requires you to upload your certificate of completion for this course. For more complete instructions, including screen shots, click here .

We are also receiving related questions regarding where Registrants can find information about CRDHA's definition of a client/patient. That information is included in the CRDHA Practice Standards 2019 document, Section 1G. This document is available on the CRDHA website under the Tab Standards and Guidelines or by clicking here .
Please stay safe and be kind to each other