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The big news this quarter is the successful end to the first CREP Mini-grant round. Be sure to check the tally of results from these projects. 

Fortunately, as one round closes, another is opening - but the deadline is coming fast.  See the details in this newsletter. 

There is also a sampling of some of the CREP workshops, farm visits, walk-abouts and other outreach efforts that were completed by the conservation districts.  We'll be showcasing  more projects in future issues.

Our desire is to share articles and information from all CREP partners.  So be sure to send us pictures and write-ups about your completed projects or upcoming events. 
Be sure to send this newsletter along to your colleagues or anyone else who works with CREP. 

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Steps for Success:
Fall Maintenance 
CREP Buffer_ 2 1_2 Year Old Sycamore
Mid-August through October is the time to remind CREP participants to apply another herbicide application around tree shelters. Regular use of herbicides around shelters increases survival rates and encourages faster growth.  Quicker canopy closure helps deter noxious weeds and invasive plants that often prefer bright light conditions. 
More information on buffer maintenance, control of noxious weeds and other CREP topics can be found and downloaded at  

Hard copies of many publications are also available for you to hand out to CREP participants and for use at meetings and workshops.  See the website for material descriptions and an order form.     

Conservation Districts Reach Thousands through CREP Mini-grant Program

The 2015-16 round of Pennsylvania Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) mini-grants for conservation districts recently concluded. Thanks to the conservation districts and the partners they worked with, the program was a success!

Some of the outcomes include:
  • 20 projects were conducted
  • 2,458 farmers and landowners were reached
  • 11 field days/walkabouts were held
  • 23 workshops were held
  • 149 one-on-one visits were held
  • 109 participants indicated they plan to enroll in CREP In the future
  • 137 participants indicated they plan to re-enroll in CREP when their contract expires
Applications for the 2016-17 round of mini-grants are due August 19. Notifications of the projects funded in the new round will be made by August 31.

Questions about the mini-grant program should be directed to

CREP Mini-Grant Application Deadline - August 19, 2016


PACD is now accepting mini-grant applications from conservation districts for a new round of CREP mini-grants. Grants up to $2,500 will be awarded to implement educational and outreach activities that support and extend the work of the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP). Projects should focus on CREP enrollment, re-enrollment and/or CREP maintenance. Due to limited funds, only 5-10 p
rojects will be funded this round.
The application for the new CREP mini-grant program for conservation districts is posted here:  
The deadline to apply is August 19, 2016. Click here for the guidelines: CREP Mini-Grant Guidlines

CREP Materials Available Online

CREP materials are now available online at 

More will be added in the future - but now you can find the Berks County Billboard, an ad from Perry County, the Jefferson County  data sheet and a powerpoint from Chester County.   

These materials were created as part of the mini-grant program and may be used used by others.  

CREP & Stream Buffer Field Event
Held in Snyder County

Frank Rohrer - Chesapeake Bay Foundation Restoration Specialist, third from right, points toward a grassed riparian buffer along Susquehecka Creek. Photo provided by Snyder County Conservation District
A Stream Buffer & CREP Field Day was held on July 28, 2016, in which thirty-five (35) visiting and host farmers, landowners, a legislative aide, state government officials, interested persons and conservation staff members participated and learned about CREP practices.

HERE to read more about this event. 

Weed Control Workshops
in Lycoming County

Spot treatment via foliar application of Autumn Olive performed by Art Gover, Penn State Research Support Associate, at the Barbour treatment site.
Lycoming County Conservation District utilized mini-grant funding to hold a series of three weed control workshops to demonstrate maintenance techniques while highlighting the environmental benefits made possible through participation in the CREP Program. 
The workshops demonstrated various weed control measures performed by Penn State Research Support Associate, Art Gover. The sites were treated on July 8th in order to provide a "working classroom" as demonstration plots for effective weed control methods for riparian areas. Various treatment methods and spray blends were utilized to demonstrate effectiveness on common undesirable species found in riparian areas. Representative from the USDA Farm Service Agency and USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service were available to answer questions about CREP participation. Pesticide credits were also available for those in attendance.

Data Collection Sheet

You can see and use the Data Collection Sheet designed by the Jefferson County Conservation District.  Use this sheet when inspecting installed buffers and other conservation practices. 

To see a PDF version of the data collection sheet click HERE.  Email for the collection sheet in MS Word.  

CREP Billboard and CREP Buffer
Maintenance in Berks County

The Berks County Conservation District (BCCD) received a grant through the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) Outreach Program Office to hold a field day event and to promote the CREP program in Berks County.

Berks County CREP Billboard
Berks County CREP Billboard
To promote the CREP program, BCCD partnered with Stroud Water Research Center, Chester County, to design and install three billboards in Berks County for two months.  
Mena Hautau, Penn State Extension, highlighting garlic mustard found growing in a CREP buffer along with other invasive weeds.
A CREP maintenance workshop was also held on June 18, 2016 at a farm in Wernersville, PA.  Mena Hautau, Penn State Extension, shared her knowledge of invasive weeds and weed identification.

Read more in the

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