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Congratulations to the eight conservation districts who have been awarded mini-grants.  Over $17,000 will be distributed to these districts to conduct workshops and work with landowners on CREP projects.  

A couple of new publications have been added to the resources available from the CREP Program Outreach Office.  Be sure to go to the Resource Page on www.creppa.org to see what's available. 

Our desire is to share articles and information from all CREP partners.  Please send us pictures and write-ups about your completed projects or upcoming events. 
Be sure to pass this newsletter along to your colleagues or anyone else who works with CREP. 

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CREP Mini-Grant Applications    
Application round closes August 19, 2016 .  See the article in the right column for more information.   
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Steps for Buffer Success:
Winter is the Time to Inspect and Plan 
Winter is a good time to remind CREP participants to inspect buffers and to perform maintenance and upkeep. Once the leaves are down and the shrubs and grasses have died back, the features of the buffer can be easily observed and adjusted if necessary. A new growing season will be here before you know it, so take advantage of this time to plan work for the coming spring. 

This is a good time to look for and repair any tree tubes that may be damaged or leaning. Be sure to straighten leaning tubes, secure broken or loose stakes and clean debris from the tubes. As the trees grow, make sure to remove netting or even the tubes themselves at the appropriate time. Also be sure to check fencing and stream crossing areas for damage.

When inspecting tubes, also be aware of any dead trees and plan on replacing them in the spring. However, before replanting trees be sure to identify and remedy the cause of the failure. Most often voles, deer or competition from other plants is the problem and can be avoided in the future with good maintenance practices.

"The Landowner's Guide to Buffer Success" lists seasonal activities and tips to save time, improve outcomes and to ensure buffer success. You can view this and other resources at the the CREP PA Resource Page. 

Over $17,000 Awarded to Conservation Districts to Promote CREP



Pennsylvania's County Conservation Districts were awarded more than $17,000 for eight projects in eight counties for the 2016-17 Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) Mini-Grant Program. Conservation districts will use these grants to work with landowners to prevent pollution in our streams, lakes, and rivers. Projects will take place over the next nine months.
The following projects were awarded up to $2,500 each as a part of the 2016-2017 CREP Mini-grant round:

County Conservation District
Amount Awarded
Click here to learn more about CREP. www.creppa.org

Click here to read the press release.
The CREP Outreach Program Office Mini-grant Program is provided by PA CD through a Gro wing Greener Watershed Protection grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. Additional support is provided by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.
Forest Landowners Guide to
Tree  Planting Success  

A new publication has recently been added to the CREP PA website.

This publication focuses on the values and methods of establishing wooded areas on rural property. It contains suggestions and guidelines for analyzing, preparing, and planting the site along with advice on maintaining and supporting the seedlings.

Go the to the www.CREPPA.org resource page at http://www.creppa.org/about/resources/ to see this and other resources available through the CREP Outreach Program Office.

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The CREP Outreach Program Office has created a number of ways to share information among CREP partner, landowners already in CREP and people who are learning about the program. 

However, your participation is needed for these resources to be worthwhile.  Please take advantage of them by reading, sharing and contributing content.  Tell others about the resources available by forwarding this newsletter, posting information on your websites, sharing at workshops, etc.   
  1. The CREP PA Website,  www.CREPPA.org  was recently overhauled and given a new modern look, content was updated & added and navigation around the site was improved.  Whether you're just learning about CREP, are already enrolled or a technical partner there is something for you.   
  2. CREP Facebook Page is for CREP partners and participants alike. Share or learn about the CREP program, conservation practices, events and other program information.  Partners can submit information and news they want to share.  Submissions will be posted when received. Click HERE to go to the CREP PA Facebook page.  
  3. Pennsylvania CREP: News and Updates Newsletter is primarily for agencies, organizations and individuals working with CREP.  Stories, techniques, events and other things of interest are shared on a quarterly basis.  
  4. CREP Partner listserve is designed as a vehicle for anyone working with CREP to share ideas, ask questions, disseminate program information, etc.  It's simple to use and any member can post at anytime.  To join send a request with the email address you want added. 
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