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April 7, 2017 Edition

The Path to Leadership

The Path to Leadership was developed several years ago to help educate the membership on what leadership positions were available within the organization and what the responsibilities were for each. Focus was solely on the Board of Directors.  This year, we are excited to be rolling out a new process in late summer/early fall for Committee Chair opportunities as well. 
Selecting our leadership involves several steps. First, the Nominating Committee must be selected. These women are responsible for developing a slate of candidates to serve as the next Board of Directors for the Chapter. More info about serving on the Nominating Committee can be found here.
Nominating Committee Applications are reviewed by a panel consisting of the Immediate Past President, current President, and President-Elect of the Chapter. The members of the Nominating Committee are meant to be a representation of the membership and will be considered in a number of categories. The goal is to find the right balance of diversity. 
Once the Nominating Committee is selected, focus is on the 2018 Board of Directors. A general meeting called "The Path to Leadership" is held and anyone interested in serving on the Board of Directors or just curious about the process is encouraged to attend. All Board positions, except President, are for a two year term and only half of the Directors turn over each year. This allows for continuity and a smoother transition each year.  The Board of Directors whose terms are ending are present at the Path to Leadership to describe their role and answer any questions. Current Board members are also present to discuss their experience. This year's informational session will be held on May 4 th.  
Unlike the Nominating Committee, for which you must self nominate, anyone can nominate anyone for a Board position. It is the Nominating Committee's responsibility to check with each nominee to see if they are interested in applying for the Board seat for which they were nominated. People can also self-nominate for Board positions, in fact it is strongly encouraged. 2018 Board positions, application process and timeline will be discussed at The Path to Leadership on May 4th
Once the Board of Director applications are received, they are compiled and given to the Nominating Committee for review. Many things need to be considered and there are guidelines to be followed. After much discussion, the Nominating Committee recommends the new slate which is then presented to the current Board of Directors for approval. Finally, the slate is presented to the membership for a vote. Typically the new slate is announced in September.
It is a great privilege and honor to serve on the Nominating Committee as it is these women who are selecting the new Board of Directors. Nominations for the Nominating Committee are being accepted now. If you are not seeking a Board position in 2018 and are interested in serving on the nominating committee please click here for more information and to apply. Applications for the Nominating Committee are due by April 11 th.
What Does the Board Do?  The Board develops the strategic direction of the Chapter and directs the efforts of the committees they are responsible for by working closely with the Committee Chairs. Board Members participate in the chapter's sponsorship drive, helps develop the annual budget, serves the needs of our diverse membership, is focused on the membership experience and have fun!
What Makes A Good Candidate for the Board?
Leadership experience, Strong connections with industry leaders, Ability to raise sponsorship revenue, Highly organized, Great communicator, Strategic/visionary thinking, Creativity, Desire to never stop improving CREW DC, Financial/budget management knowledge, Integrity and personal commitment to advancing women in the profession
Benefits of Board Participation:
Leadership skills and experience that benefit your chapter, your company, and your personal brand, including:
  • Strategic planning and thinking
  • Consensus building skills
  • Fundraising skills attractive to future board service
  • Motivating and leading volunteers
  • Speaking/presentation skills
Opportunity to influence the future direction of CREW DC
Impacting the future of women in the industry
Broadens & deepens business relationships
Broadens & deepens personal relationships
"The room is alive with active, engaged and knowledgeable members. We had many thoughtful and intelligent exchanges about the numerous Board roles and the various women nominated for them. I would definitely recommend all qualified members to apply to be a part of this committee. I will definitely apply again when my two year "holding" period is up." - Ruth Jansson, CID, IIDA, LEED, AP, Leo A Daly  

"I thoroughly enjoyed serving on the nominating committee for CREW DC last year. I found it to be a very rewarding and also an enlightening experience. It was a great way for me to give back to CREW DC, help to shape and ensure the future leadership of the chapter and also spend quality time with other CREW DC chapter members. I would highly recommend the position and experience to others." - Nicole Miller, Senior Managing Director, Savills Studley

"Participating with the nomination committee was one of my best experiences with CREW. All around, being on the committee helpEd me have have a greater appreciation as to how important the organization is to the industry. CREW supports members career aspirations by grooming our talent from within the organization. I learned that Selecting leadership is a very serious matter and not a process that should be taken lightly by any organization." - Sheryl Ponds, MBA, DC Department of General Services
Nominations are now being accepted for the 2018 Board of Directors Nominating Committee 
Five spaces are available for the Nominating Committee this year. Although Nominating Committee members cannot seek Board Positions, you can serve on the Nominating Committee if you are interested in serving as a Committee Chair next year.
For more info and to apply, click here.

Attention CREW DC Members & Sponsors:
Our events have been selling out so we would like to give you first shot at registration. We will reserve the first one or two weeks (depending on the event) for member/sponsor registration ONLY.  Please do your best to register as soon as you are able before we open it up to non-members at an increased rate. Once an event is sold out, we can place you on a waitlist but there will be no guarantee that you will be able to attend due to maximum seating restrictions. Hope to see you at any of the below events!

April 11: Nominations due for CREW DC Nominating Committee

April 19: Building Better Cities - Register Now
April 20: EDU: Renovate or Relocate - Register Now

April 20: UCREW Midtown Center Developer Tour - Register Now 
April 25: 35 & Under: Drag Queen Bingo - (SOLD OUT - waitlist only)

April 29: Bright Beginnings 5K -

May 4: Path to Leadership

May 10: May Lunch Program   

May 15: CNCC Members Only Golf Outing

May 15: 2017 CREW DC Awards - Nominations Due 

May 16: Women of Influence Dinner (by invitation only)  

September 28: 2017 CREW DC Awards - Save the Date!