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August 26, 2016 Edition


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Thar Roeung Heil
Assistant Vice President, Commercial Closing Department
Capital One
Thar Roeung Heil is an Assistant Vice President in the Commercial Closing Department of Capital One  Bank. She manages the high-volume CRE and REIT portfolios for the Mid-Atlantic where she conducts  closings for highly-complex transactions. Many of these transactions have included multi-billion dollar  participations, multiple property secured facilities, and multiple party transactions.

Thar is a D.C. native and originally started in real estate as a residential mortgage broker in 2003 for a  small finance firm in Maryland. Thar then ventured into the legal field as a real estate/energy/corporate  finance paralegal and secretary for several Am Law 100 firms since 2003. In her various positions, she  has closed hospitality and housing agency lending transactions, along with clean energy and LNG/oil  pipeline transactions while assisting with M&A's, SEC, and FERC filings. Thar graduated in 2014 from The George Washington University with a Master in Business Administration where she focused on Real Estate and Corporate Finance, and shortly thereafter moved to Capital One.

Thar serves on the board of The Fund for Alexandria's Child, a non-profit dedicated to meeting the  needs of foster children. She also volunteers with the Center Pole Foundation where she has helped  build a straw bale home, tended to native gardens, and continues to assist the needs of tribal children  on the Crow Indian Reservation in Montana. As a new mother, she loves to travel with her family, enjoys  singing, and is currently working on a novel in her spare time.

Yoli Valdespino
Stewart Title Guaranty Company
Business Development Officer
Yoli relocated to DC this summer to start a new position with Stewart Title Guaranty Company. She is  originally from San Antonio and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin. Yoli has a diverse
background in sales, marketing and business development. In her role at Stewart Title, Yoli's focus is to  ensure smooth Commercial Real Estate transactions by building teams tailored to the specific needs of  each client. These teams are thoughtfully customized to handle high liability transactions, single and  multi-site in multiple states and countries. 

Yoli's loves include her two grown children, travel, books, world affairs and volunteer work. She is  passionate about causes that aid the disenfranchised, particularly children, which inspired her  missionary work in Haiti with deaf orphans. Yoli was a member of CREW San Antonio and joined the DC  Chapter to develop friendships, connect with industry professionals and to serve the Commercial Real  Estate Community. Her desire to "get involved' will be very well served on CREW's Community Action  Committee.

Janey Gregory, AIA, NCARB
DC Little-Retail Studio
As Principal of the DC Little - Retail Studio, Janey Gregory brings 30 years of professional expertise in  retail-focused national and international mixed-used developments, specialty retail and town centers,  entertainment environments, financial institutions and long-term master plan visioning. Janey's career  began in the DC Metro area, (Baltimore specifically) for 15 years before relocating to Seattle where she  worked for 9 years. From there, Janey moved to Shanghai, China where she lived and worked for 3 years  prior to moving back to the DC metropolitan area in 2013. Through a strong commitment to design  excellence, client service and hands-on leadership, Janey maintains a cohesive synergy between clients  and production teams, from initial concept to ribbon cutting. She pushes the envelope of creativity  while meeting the demands of project schedules, team management and client expectations, striving to  produce strong and memorable design solutions that enhance people's lives and the built environment.
Janey is a member of the American Institute of Architects, Urban Land Institute and the International  Council of Shopping Centers. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth  University and her Masters of Architecture from NC State University. Janey also studied at the L'Ecole  D'Art et Architecture in Fontainebleau, France.
In her free time Janney loves to dance, travel, wine-and- dine, and engage with friends. She is an avid  photographer and loves hanging out with her spirited American Eskimo dog, Sadie and husband, Ghany.


The redevelopment of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC) is an ongoing long term project in the District. There are many moving parts that make it a interesting, albeit complicated, project to explore for this issue of The Link. Starting with the site's history, the project is the original site of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center that at its height of operations employed ±5,000 WRAMC civilian and military personnel. The desire for a military hospital on the site dates back to the late 1800's as a championed cause of Civil War surgeon General William A. Hammond and fellow surgeon Lieutenant Colonel William Cline Borden. The installation was eventually named after Lieutenant Colonel Borden's friend and fellow doctor and scientist, Walter Reed, who was the one who originally theorized and later proved that yellow-fever was spread through mosquitoes-a significant disease of the time.

Today, ushered by BRAC in 2005, Walter Reed was closed and the name re-affixed to a new site in Bethesda, MD. Several years later in 2009, through declaration, the Federal Government announced over 60 acres were surplus at the site making it available for redevelopment by the Local Redevelopment Authority (LRA). As a result of this recognized vacancy in the market, the site totaling 110.1 acres has a new planned proposed use to be allocated between 66.57 acres now occupied by the Local  Redevelopment Authority (LRA) and the balance( 43.53 acres) on the eastern portion of campus to be utilized federally by the Department of State (DOS). The named master developer team for the LRA site is (Hines-Urban Atlantic-Triden).

The stated vision for the reuse and small area plan calls for 2,519,327 sf of new buildings and 578,496 sf of existing buildings, which will comprise: 54% multi-family (1,673,000 sf), 25% office (767,000 sf), 9% townhouses (272,000 sf), 7% retail (212,000 sf) and 6% other/creative (176,400 sf). 

Four main goals for the project include the following: integrate the site with community, provide a mix  of uses, create new jobs and revenue for D.C., and activate the site. The images below highlight the site  as it exists today, the reuse and small area plan, and the implementation plan:

For more information on the project checkout:  The Redevelopment of Walter Reed a Primer

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Michelle Kilby 2016 President

Dear Members,




Grace Burnside 
Accepted a position with Sudow Kohlhagen, LLP

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